BLOGriculture! :D

Umm,  alright !

WordPress  —  Check !

Title — Check !

Design — Check!

Customize — Check !

And there ! I’m a BLOGriculturist ! 😀

Wait ! Wonder who that is?

Well, I knew there’re millions of BLOGGERS out there. So, I figured – why not do something similar, and yet different ?

So, heyy! This is Vaishnavi; technically, the world’s first ‘BLOGriculturist’ !

Cool, eh? 😛

If your eyes are scanning this quirky post of mine, which is supposedly my first online entry, then you’re one of the first few lot to gain access to this gobbledygook 😀

But c’mon, man?

Who cares?

I’m a beginner, for heavens sake ! So, take me as I am. This is just to spread happiness.

I love doing things that I love to do.

BLOGriculturing (another neologism 😀 ) includes ‘Things I Love To Do’.

If I’m doing the ‘Things I Love To Do’, I’m happy.

If I’m happy, I’m in a footing to make you happy.

If you’re happy, YOU and ME are happy.

If YOU and ME are happy, WE are happy.

If WE are happy, the people around us are happy.

And if the people around us are happy, the world is a HAPPIER place!

Whoa! Enough of Balderdash! 😀

Wait ! Enough of Ballyhoo !

Ballyhoo? Balderdash? They are synonyms, eh? Or, are they not?

With the task, I’m initiating the legacy of leaving behind a task for you today.

I’ll do this with every post that I write. So, YOU get the gift of learning something new everyday, even if you find my post utter nonsense 🙂

Fair enough ? 😉

And why am I being so generous?

Because, YOU, my friend, are gifted !

Gifted with the ability of being my READER !





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