The day a lemon got rejected !

Heyyyy Folks!

Thank you for being at ! I’m glad you stopped being busy for some time, man !

Well, firstly – CONGRATULATIONS ! For being one of the very few people who took time out for doing something to soothe their minds.

I mean, you’re part of the outnumbered (IRONY is so beautiful, ain’t it ? ) 11.3% of PEACEFUL PEOPLE in the world ! 😀

Says, NOT me; but a random article that I came across in the Pacific Standard ! Isn’t that amazing ?

Haha, anyway – today, I’m writing because considering you are my ‘privileged’ reader, I want you to know why my blog is titled the way it is!  ( Chuck it – A couple of people asked me 😛 – that’s the truth ! LOL, Reality can be sooooo harsh, right ? )

So, yeah – Let me tell you that the ‘I’ you’re imagining this minute isn’t the ‘I’ who’s writing this post, but the ‘I’ who’s being told !

” AUNTIE : Heyy Raammm! Soooo many LEMONS down the drain! I told the female (maid) not to leave them outside. What’s the purpose of the goddamn refrigerator then ? #Totally off the handle#

ME: So, there’s nothing we can do with these lemons? There are 20, auntie ! How do you know they are spoilt ?

AUNTIE: See the slight discoloration ? It has turned slightly mushy, as well. That’s how you perceive it !

ME: Couldn’t you possibly make do with it? You could make us Lemonade, for all you know! #Trying to stay optimistic#

AUNTIE: I’m not in the mood. It’s just 20 lemons, anyway. Who cares? The maid hasn’t come anyway. Will you go discard them ?

ME : Alrighhhttt ! # I take the ‘Lemonned’ polythene Bag downstairs, to dump it in the Municipality Bin #

# Finish dumping it, and turn around to walk my way back#

# Hear a sound and turn around again to witness what I’d deem a life changing experience for me! #

‘HE’ was scurrying towards the bin! He was tiny, and fragile, and scrawny! His hollow-cheeked face revealed that he probably hadn’t eaten for days. I couldn’t help noticing his chapped lips. He had Cheilitis, maybe.  His flaccid eyes seemed as if they had no room for happiness – so teeny they were ! He appeared to me like the worst possible SKELETAL REMAINS OF THE ENTIRE HUMAN SPECIES.

And what ‘HE’ did next was shattering. He scuttled across to the bin, and picked up my ‘Lemonned’ bag. In less than a minute, he ripped open the bag , lacerated the lemons, and started squeezing them into his mouth. As the last few drops dripped down his lips, I noticed his lips tweak upwards into the most content smile in the world. His lips were no longer the parched ones I saw! His eyes were unforeseenly gleaming ! 🙂

‘HE’ hadn’t eaten for days, maybe. I didn’t even dare to think of the last time he drank something. The last he smiled. The last someone thought of him as the ‘HE’ I did ! OR wait ? Was it the first time someone thought of him as the ‘HE’ people should ? Or was it the first time someone thought of him as the ‘HE’ and did something about it ?

There are millions of ‘HEs’ in our country. I saw one that day ! I saw one today. I’ll see one tomorrow. But I’m hoping there comes a day when I won’t see a ‘HE’ anymore. And I want you to know that’s the reason I’ve started this blog.

If you’re picturing my ‘HE’ as a starved 15 year old boy, don’t hoodwink yourself. The multi-millionaire’s daughter in my class thinks my brother is the ‘HE’, my brother thinks my maid’s son is the ‘HE’, my maid’s son thinks an orphan is the ‘HE’ ! They all are right in their own way. All of us have different perceptions of the ‘HE’ I’m talking of !

I’m just asking you to react and lend a helping hand to the ‘HE’ you know !

I’ve started this blog to make a difference to the ‘HE’ I met. You could contribute and FOLLOW this page, and make it popular, so that it could affect more people out there. Or you could start one of your own ! Or you could become a public speaker and motivate people to do so. Or you could take time out and spend your day with the ‘HE’ in your life. Or you could donate to an orphanage.

All our ‘HEs’ demand different things. LOVE – MONEY – HOPE – MOTIVATION – FOOD – can be anything.

Just wake up from your reverie, and ACT ! 🙂 If a REJECTED LEMON made so much difference to me, a lot of things could make so much more difference to you ! 🙂

I gave you words to ponder about, last time. This time, I’m giving you a thought. Find the ‘HE’ of your life, and let me know how you  made a difference to the ‘HE’ and how the ‘HE’ made a difference to you ! 🙂

HAPPY ‘HE’ing ! ❤







8 thoughts on “The day a lemon got rejected !

  1. Vaishu,so many HEs and SHEs in my life as a trainer. Still, I’m re-motivated to do my bit after reading “The Rejected Lemon”. God bless you. Keep Blogging.


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