GEEKFreak! :P

Ahoyyy there! 🙂

Been a while now, eh ?! It’s EXAM TIME, people – and I’m sure the populace is preoccupied with endless hours of studies and sleepless nights and all the drudgery that exams bring along with them !

So, I thought, why not do a LISTicle about it ? 😀 Just to give you a different take on exams, which will probably make you feel lighter ! 😛

So, yeah – let me cut to the chase, without beating around the bush !

5 THINGS ABOUT EXAMS that would totally FREAK YOU OUT 😀 – 

1) ” Teen: 5 Module baakiii hain, bhaiii. Aaj toh NIGHT OUT maarenge!”

Mom: 8 hours of sleep is a prerequisite to doing well in your exams. Jitna aata hain, theek. Hit the bed ASAP!”

Rings a bell ? 😀 Yeah! To all the whippersnappers out there who get irked when they receive this response, I’ve good news. A recent study claims that PEOPLE WHO SLEEP FOR ONLY 6-7 HOURS A DAY live the longest ! 😀


2)  “Yaar baddiii neend aa rahi hain! Coffee piyega?”   ” Yaar, coffee peeta hoon rozzz, phir bhi koi asar nahii !”

Ever faced this predicament ?  Here’s whyyyy –


So, if your purpose of drinking coffee is to stay awake, then make sure it is PLAIN COFFEE, and that it does not have sugar mixed in it ! 🙂


3)   “Haayyyeee Rabbbbaaa! Look at my eyes. DARK CIRCLES !”

Do you belong to the ilk that is terrorized at the sight of dark circles?

Here’s the easiest way you can get rid of them – Use a cotton ball to apply fresh lemon juice around your eyes. Leave it on for about 10 minutes and rinse it off. Do this once daily for a few weeks.


4)  “Badiii bhook lag rahi hain, bey!”

Ahahhh! 😀 If you are the “I-don’t-eat-to-live-rather-I-live-to-eat” types, then EXAMINATIONS give us the veritable time to binge! LOL. On a serious note, irrespective of size, all of us eat noticeably more during Exam Time. Ever pondered upon this ? I did.

Basically, there’s this one thing in your body (It is claimed to be a HUNGER HORMONE, but SCIENCE has always been unfathomable to me. So, let’s stick to ‘A THING’ :D) called ‘LEPTIN’, whose function is to dull our appetite by instructing the brain that it’s time to stop eating. However, our SWEET TOOTH sends this process haywire. Think about it ! Don’t we consume sweet things excessively during Exams? COFFEE! TEA! MILK! BREAD and JAM! BISCUITS…and the list is endless! 😛 THAT IS THE GLITCH !

People have plenty of Leptin in their body; but when under stress, we are more likely to be ‘leptin-resistant’. This means that the cells in the brain which should register Leptin no longer ‘read’ the signals saying the body is full, but instead assume it is starving — no matter how much food you continue to eat. Since you are stressed (Syllabus left – STRESS! No time for girlfriend – STRESS! No time for FACEBOOK – quadruple the STRESS 😀 ! STRESS, STRESS, STRESS!), the brain pumps out instructions to increase energy storage — instigating powerful cravings for high-fat foods because these are the easiest and most immediate forms of energy — and conserve energy usage, by dampening any urge to get up off the sofa and go for a run.

Cool, ain’t it ? 🙂

Picture-5-623x421   fig,royal_blue,mens,ffffff.u1

5) “Yaarrrrr! Itni neend kyun aati hain Exam Time mein!”

See, it’s palpable! Let me explicate 🙂 –

  • Exams are analogous to EATING !
  • We eat and the pancreas produces Insulin.
  • Insulin converts the carbohydrates and sugars circulating in the bloodstream into the stored forms within cells.
  • The increased level of insulin triggers the movement and action of this thing (again, THING here means AMINO ACID :P) called Tryptophan within the brain.
  • Once in the brain, it leads to increased production of this ‘thing’ (It’ll keep going on and on and on :D) called Serotonin, a neurotransmitter that passes electrical signals between connecting neurons.
  • Around 90 per cent of the body’s serotonin is found in the abdomen, where it regulates intestinal movements. The remaining ten per cent is located in the brain.
  • It is this ‘Serotonin’ that induces several functions, including control of mood, laziness and slumber; it has also been linked to depression and feelings of intimacy.


Trust me, this guy in the picture is soooo much like my MALE counterpart ! XD HAHAHAHAHA !!

Okay, for now – I’ve two papers scheduled for tomorrow and my friend’s waiting at the Library. So, I’m off, people!


[P.S, It’s EXAM TIME, and I’m too indolent to give you a thought to think upon :D]


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