Amazing Things You Probably Never Knew about ‘NARENDRA MODI’ ! :D

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Soooo? Apparently, the tiger did NOT kill the guy in the Delhi Zoo!

AND the exact location of the first appearance of HIV has been detected after 30 years.

AND the world’s first health baby is born!

AND India won 57 medals at the Incheon Asian Games, of which 11 are Gold.

AND there was a stampede in Patna’s Gandhi Maidan during Dussehra Celebrations, where 32 were killed and 50 injured. AND after Priyanka Chopra released a couple of albums and took to singing, the new kid on the block is none other than Alia Bhatt, who is going to release hers very soon!  😀

AND, 43% Indians are supposedly willing to give up their televisions for an Internet Connection, according to a Tata Communications Survey. All hail the country! 😀

Well, I came across these headlines as I was brushing up on my news this morning, and I realized that our lionized Prime Minister, Mr.Narendra Modi was all over the news –



And then, all my ANDs took a breather! NaMo? OMG!! I was scandalized.

But then, I gathered my senses and speculated for a while – what do I know about Mr. Modi besides the fact that he IS the Prime Minister of the country and WAS the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

So, I sat back and did my bit of indagation into the matter, and the facts I came across freaked the living daylights out of me. Hahaha 😀 – well, so, being the nice person that I am (it’s good to embrace NARCISSISM once in a way 😛 ), I decided to share my quota of knowledge with you guys and thus, without much beating around the bush, I’m going to shoot.

Here’s what you need to know about the man set to lead 1.2 billion people for the next five years.

1) His full name is ‘NARENDRA DAMODARDAS MODI’ –

     He gets the middle name from his father, Damodardas Mulchand Modi.

    P.S, Just so you know, his mother’s name is, Heeraben Modi.


2) He was born at 11 am on the 17th of September, 1950 – and that is a contributing factor to his leadership victories –

     Those who believe in astrology would like to know that Modi’s moon sign is Scorpio, and sun sign is Virgo.

     His star constellation is Anuradha.

     An astrologer who saw his kundli says his rahu antardasha, considered good for those in politics, “is on till September 2014”.Those in the know say that Lokmanya Tilak and Otto von Bismark had similar kundlis (Basically, KUNDLI is hindi for FATE). According to current astrological transit, Saturn and Rahu in Tula and Jupiter’s position are helping his rise.


3) He was born in the capital of Gujarat – NOT Gandhi Nagar , VADNAGAR –

Vadnagar, an ancient town that’s almost 2,500 years old, is Narendra Modi’s birthplace. Indians strongly identify themselves with their janambhoomi, and Modi is no different (It is said that the Hatkeswar Mahadeo temple, built in the 15th century, in his home town). Vadnagar, the then-capital of Gujarat is unique in that it saw both Hinduism and Buddhism flourish.

It is also a highly cultured town that is famous for singer-duo Tana and Riri who stumped none other than the legendary Tansen in the Mughal king Akbar’s durbar. It is called the CITY OF OLD GATES AND TEMPLES.


4) He has FIVE siblings –

He bonds reasonably well with his four brothers and sister, but doesn’t display it in public.


5) His weight veers around 84 kgs – 

It is said that he has lost weight ever since he was sworn in as India’s Prime Minister. Also, he gets back-pain at times, with the upper part of the spinal region being the problem area.

When he stands for a long time, his feet get swollen. But, he does not have any serious health problems.


6) Narendra Modi has been a PATRIOT since childhood –

During Indo-Pak war of 1965, Modi, as a 15 year old boy, volunteered to serve the soldiers in transit at the railway stations. Similarly, in 1967 at an age of 17 years, he served the flood affected people of Gujarat.

rags to riches

7) Modi was a SAADHU (saint) at one point –

Modi was incommunicado when he was 17 and 18. He wanted to become a ‘sanyasi’ (saint) when he was a child. In fact, he was always fascinated with Sadhus, worship and meditation.

He ran away from his house after completing his schooling. He met innumerable sadhus, and visited many places including Rajkot’s Ramakrishna Mission and Ramkrishna Ashram of Belur in West Bengal.

He also taught Gujarati to Sadhvi Ritambhara, when he was a full-time worker in the ‘Vishwa Hindu Parishad’. The Sadhvi’s guru, Swami Parmanand was fond of Modi’s ‘spiritual quest’.

Despite all this, Modi still yearned for something he did know. So, he kept travelling around India until he finally reached the Himalayas where he wandered aimlessly and stayed with unknown but yogic Sadhus for two yearswithout money and with two pairs of clothes. Then, one day, he suddenly decided to give up his ‘Sanyas’ life and returned home.


8) Modi, the CHAI WAALA (Tea Seller) –

After returning from Himalayas, Modi worked in a tea stall (in his maternal uncle’s canteen at the Bus Stand) with his brother at the State Transport Office in Ahmedabad.

Modi sold tea for many years. That was when he learnt what hardship really meant. It made him more strong-willed and determined in his approach towards life.


9) Active leader in the RSS – 

Modi has spent enough time in the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh; so his language, nuances of behaviour and expressions can never be ‘Westernized’. As an RSS pracharak (follower), he learnt all about India, Hinduism and family life; when he was staying with RSS followers’ families.


10) Narendra Modi always signs in HINDI – 

Experts say that Narendra Modi’s signature shows that he is a ‘balanced’ person, and that success is in his basket. No wonder, eh ? 😀 Haha !


11) Narendra Modi is an ‘EDUCATED’ man – 

Narendra Modi has done a three-month course in the US on public relations and image management.

He graduated with an ‘extramural’ degree through Distance Education in Political Science from Delhi University.

He has also done a Masters in Political Science from Gujarat University.

This could be one reason why he has succeeded in being one of the most sought after politicians in India. 🙂


12) Modi loves Wrist Watches, Sandals and Clothes – 

The most striking habit of Modi is to wear ‘well-ironed’ and ‘wrinkle-free’ clothes, a habit he retains from his teenage years, when he would fill hot water in a brass lota and iron his shirt using the vessel’s heated bottom.

He continues to lay stress on dressing well and, going by his public appearances, he is said to own hundreds of Kurtis, all of them tailored by his favourite darzi in a posh shop named ‘JADE BLUE‘ on Ahmedabad’s CG Road.

    wrist watch

13) Modi is a ‘TEETOTALLER’ (the true traditional Indian Man 😀 ) –

He doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke.

He is a complete vegetarian.

In nut-shell, he is not even remotely close to ill habits.


14) Modi is a prolific writer and poet –

He writes in Gujarati and his favourite topics include the life and teachings of Hindutva icons.

Although his poems are said to be of low literary value, he is appreciated for his effort. 🙂

It is said that he has been writing and narrating poetry since his childhood; now we know where he gets his ORATING skills from. 😀 LOL !


15) Narendra Modi is inspired from SWAMI VIVEKANANDA and INDIRA GANDHI –

The fact that his most recent election campaign was christened as ‘Vivekanand Yuva Vikas Yatra’ stands testimony to this. He is said to worship him because Swami Vivekananda was the perfect example of how a man can be traditional in his values but modern in his approach and preachings.


16) Modi loves Technology, Twitter, and Selfies –

As was evident, Social media and Technology played a large role in Modi’s campaign.

He is an avid ‘tweeter’ with nearly 4 million followers. He joined the election selfie trend, he also blogged, and he appeared as a hologram at several rallies in his efforts to portray the BJP as a progressive, technocratic party that can lead India into the 21st century.

Since being elected, Modi has been regularly tweeting about the minutest of details and, so far, seems to be using social media to facilitate transparent decision-making and propagate his values.


17) Modi is on good terms with Muslims –

Unlike what his image states, Modi meets local Gujarati Muslims frequently. But the easy access given to them is among Gujarat’s well-kept secrets. The attached photo shows a Muslim Leader hugging Narendra Modi during his 72-hour ‘Sadbhavana’ Fast in Ahmedabad.

A Muslim leader greets Narendra Modi during his 72-hour 'Sadbhavana Mission' fast in Ahmedabad

18) Narendra Modi is an excellent COOK – 

His favourite food is Bhakhri (crispy rotis) and Khichdi, made in Gujarati style.


19) Modi admires China and vice versa –

Modi visited China four times during his tenure as Gujarat’s Chief Minister and has successfully courted Chinese investments in the state.


His ‘Jyotigram Yojna’ to provide power to all Gujarati households 24×7, was almost impossible to implement, with the toughest resistance coming from users of electricity. But Modi put his foot down, plugged leakages, stopped theft, and forced farmers to pay pending bills running into crores of rupees. It was a very China-like implementation that he managed through Saurabh Patel, the state energy minister. Modi’s entire image is built on and around this achievement after the 2002 riots. Those who are not his fans may hear him out in the coming days because he has provided power to all homes in Gujarat.

20) He was denied a visa to the United States in 2005, but has been granted one since being elected Prime Minister –

The U.S. government has denied Modi a visa since nine years for his failure as a leader of the state of Gujarat to stop deadly communal riots which killed over 1,000 people, mainly Muslims.

However, on the day of his election, the White House said Modi “will be welcomed” into the United States. He is now eligible for an A1 visa, which heads of states use to travel into the United States.

And, then came the Madison Square speech ! 😀

us govt.

21) Modi’s party thinks homosexuality is “unnatural” –

While Modi has been resolutely silent on the issue of homosexuality and LGBT rights; sadly, the BJP is the only major party to support the Supreme Court’s decision of recriminalizing homosexuality.

In the below picture, Modi is seen hugging the Indian Yoga guru Baba Ramdev, who strongly believes that homosexuality is a disease he can cure.

No wonder MAGIC works more than LOGIC in India, which is probably why BABAs are trusted more than SCIENTISTS 😀 !


22) Modi is a WORKAHOLIC – He sleeps for only ‘three’ hours, sometimes even less –

Whatever time he hits the bed, he wakes up at 5 or 5.30 am.

After going online at 7 am or even earlier, he would call his party men from all over Gujarat; now, he calls people from all over India. He attends office early in the morning, and works till 10 pm, if need be.


23) Modi is a PHOTOMANIAC – 

Oh yes, he is in love with the mirror. He poses like a model.

He is very conscious of pictures that are sent out from his publicity office. Earlier, he was said to like dark colours, but now he experiments, not only with colours but also western wear.

He keeps a comb handy in his pocket all the time.

He keeps half a dozen colourful ‘khes’ angvastras (Kurtas) ready in the back seat of his car, and chooses one according to the crowd he is addressing.

Many renowned fashion magazines in the United States declared him as the “Fashion Icon of 2014”.

13narendra5 2013_09_17_05_59_35_modi-profile17

24) Narendra Modi has ‘no’ best friend –

Narendra Modi has been a loner since childhood, people say.

To this date, the only person he is regularly in touch with is his mother, who he is extremely fond of.

Occasionally, he also meets his siblings.

But besides this, he has no friends. Also, he does not stay with his wife.

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi speaks during the concluding session of the Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors' Summit 2011 at Gandhinagar

25) Narendra Modi loves CRITICISM –

He logs on to the internet every morning without fail and checks all that is written about him.

On weekdays, he also reads famous English and Hindi newspapers while travelling in his car, without fail.

On weekends, he sits in his garden and catches up on fortnightly magazines and newspapers.

Even if he is travelling, he gets newspapers and cuttings to know what his critics are saying about him.


26) Modi is a traditional man who FASTS ALL NINE DAYS during Navratri every year –

He eats only one fruit a day during this time.

He eschews the Navratra-special thali-meal which is traditionally allowed once a day.

He fasts out of devotion for Goddess Ambaji, and has built a Rs 70 crore-ish ‘Shaktipeeth Parikrama’ on the Gabbar hillock, considered highly sacred by devotees. (Honestly, I wish Mr. Modi had spent 70 crores on more beneficial things!)


27) Narendra Modi has a beautiful Handwriting –

NaMo is a wonderful orator – Check!

NaMo is a poet – Check! Check !

NaMo has an amazing handwriting – CHECK! CHECK! CHECK! 😀

The picture below is Narendra Modi’s note in the White House Book –


His handwriting in Hindi is equally pleasing.This is a note he left in the Visitors Book of Nepal’s Pashupathinath’s Temple –


28) Modi is a DRAMATIST –

When in his 20’s, he had arranged for and acted in a play in Vadnagar to collect funds to build his school’s boundary wall.

Poetry, Drama, Writing, Orating – quite a creative person Modi was, eh ! 😀


The below picture shows Narendra Modi in a disguise during an emergency. No wonder he liked drama 😀 !


29) NaMo is a copywriter –

Nilly-willy, Narendra Modi is dubbed as one of the best copywriters in contemporary India.

No Indian advertising agency is likely to match his ability to paraphrase ideas, launch new brands, re-launch people and events, write-rewrite copies to sell ideas or products and orate so well to propagate them.

The photo below shows Narendra Modi with his advocate, Laxmanrao Imamdar, who teaches him strategies on plans.

 advocate laxmanrao imamdar who teaches strategies to modi

30) Narendra Modi is a CLEALINESS freak –

He is extremely tidy. He keeps his office spick and span; and is very particular about the cleanliness of his surroundings.

spick and span

31) Narendra Modi is MARRIED, folks! Here’s his marital story elucidated –

The biggest mystery of Narendra Modi’s life was his relationship status. The world knew him as a ‘bachelor’ till the time he declared himself ‘married’ in his election affidavit.

Modi’s wife, Jashodaben, is a retired school teacher and lives in Rajosana village of Banaskantha district. She is said to have married Modi when she was 17 and Modi, 18. However, Jashodaben and Narendra Modi parted ways within three years of marriage, as Modi had bigger things to do. It is said that her studying only up to Class VIII is also a major reason for spoiling their relationship.

It is believed that Jashodaben does not like to be photographed, as she feels she is not good looking. This is proved by her statements where she claimed that she is conscious of Modi’s stature and doesn’t want to create any embarrassment to him, although she hopes that someday, Modi will come to her and publicly accept her as his wife. 

In fact, the separation came as a shock to Jashodaben but she accepted it as part of her destiny. Even today, Jashodaben blames it on her destiny and says that Modi was destined to serve the nation and that’s why he left the home. After Modi left her, Jashodaben decided to remain single for the rest of her life and still expects Narendra Modi to invite her to stay with him at 7 Race Course Road.

However, according to Modi’s supporters, since he got married during his childhood and it was considered child marriage, Modi left the house to become a Saadhu (something he had always wanted to do) and thus, never met his wife again. The second marriage (Gauna) never happened because Modi got attracted to RSS by that time and decided to remain a bachelor for the rest of his life.

Modi and Jashodaben are said to have spoken last on January 1, 1987.


I found this one picture summarizing his entire life, and thus attached it below –

17Fir34-35 revised.qxp


How do you feel knowing the other side of Modi? Mixed bag of feelings, huh? 😀 Haha!

Despite garnering quite a few haters across the globe for his role in the 2002 Gujarat Riots, and a couple of other trivial reasons, what we cannot deny is the fact that NaMo is here to stay. With a thrilling backstory from ‘Tea Seller to Prime Minister’, he is someone we can love or hate, but simply cannot ignore!

On a concluding note, I was sitting with this one Saurabh friend of mine a few days ago, when he showed me this recent video of John Oliver speaking about Modi’s incredible rise to power on ‘Last Week Tonight’, while berating the U.S. for ignoring the Indian elections. I’m quoting my favourite line from the video – “Modi sold tea in a railway station, and now he’s the most popular man in the country — don’t pretend you’re not interested in this, America. Last time you heard a rags-to-riches story about a tea-selling Indian kid, you threw a fucking Oscar at it.” 😀 This guy is cool, ain’t he? 😀 Ohh, JayyyOhhh, you’re an incredible satirist! ❤


Okay, enjoy the video, people! 🙂

I’m signing off now.

GOODBYE ! ( P.S, “Don’t be dismayed about goodbyes, a farewell is necessary before we meet again” 😛 )

Happy ‘NaMo-ing’! 😀


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