Voice Your Choice! :)

@Pat Cegan – this one’s for you 🙂


I was rushing through my NewsFeed last night, when I saw something that made me swallow my saliva a bit slower.

Not again! Why? How? My mind went into a frenzy of thoughts, that didn’t seem to end.




And if we’re very, very lucky

they’ll do it in that order.”

This is what someone had to say as a reply to Sunny Leone’s age-old statement “Rape is not a crime, it is just surprise sex”.

Why, as a nation, are we so ignorant towards rape?

It’s not just about women. Men! Kids! The disabled. There’s no stone left untouched.

My blood was boiling. I saw RED. We live in a society that teaches women not to be raped, instead of teaching men NOT to rape.

And then, I sat back and metamorphosed my vexation into this poem below –


“Rape is surprise sex!”, whoever shamelessly said

Isn’t it a sin to force someone to be with you in bed? ,

How can someone possibly stoop so low?

How can someone do this to a friend or a foe? ,

If you think molesting exudes power – you’re wrong

Do you know how much guts the victim needs to remain strong? ,

Unfortunately however, the strength dies most of the times

because sadly, life isn’t as sweet as nursery rhymes,

People walk in fear the minute they step onto the road

and parents worry that kids might not reach their abode,

Why bear this menace? Why stand this crime?

Why stay silent when this is not a mime? ,

Wouldn’t you have stood up if the victim was a loved one?

Today it could be your daughter, tomorrow your son,

Think of our freedom fighters – is this the country for which they hoped?

an “independent” society where every 15 seconds, a girl is groped? ,

and then they claim “Skimpy Clothes” to be the prime reason

not knowing that 48% victims wore burkhas, irrespective of the season,

these rapists should be punished, these criminals should be jailed

but our laws have so many loopholes – and thus, our democracy has failed,

when justice is being meted out, why not create an uproar?

what stops you from rebelling – the fear that you’ll be called a bore? ,

so, stop being a coward! Speech is a human right

especially if it’s for women – do it with all your might,

I strongly believe that women deserve a happy life

yet why is it that they all live in so much strife?,

remember it is a mother who gives you birth

don’t you think she craves for mirth? ,

It is a sister who helps you when in need

is this how you pay her back for this noble deed? ,

It is your girlfriend who accompanies you on a date

It is your wife who turns out to be your soul mate,

It is your daughter who makes your dreams come true

It is your grandmom who reads out bedtime stories to you,

It is because of all these women that your life is how it is

It is because of their efforts that you know the essence of sheer bliss,

yet 67 years after independence, women today are still fighting

and the subject of RAPE only remains a topic of writing,

is your only duty lending a crying woman a tissue?

it’s high time you realized this is a serious issue,

we are compromising with the truth – this is the worst part

a single rape is never the end – it’s just a treacherous start,

so wake up, my friend!

Prove that this is not the end,

prove that you have courage and strength

even if it demands you to lecture people at length,

prove that you have a head and heart

even if you have to stand up for someone miles apart,

so, wake up, my friend – your motherland needs you

start rebelling and show her what you can do,

because the next time a guy would wink

you might be a victim before you could even blink,

and then, it’d be too late to raise your voice

so, wake up, my friend – and make a choice!



 Here are some beautiful pictures I found, that are sure to strike a chord –




another-ad-in-the-series-read-she-didnt-want-to-do-it-but-she-couldnt-say-no-this-suggests-the-victims-lack-of-control-is-to-blame-or-that-not-saying-no-while-catatonic-somehow-leads-to-rape b37928b3fada28c2b2e42b99bd43d4de download

image7 inkaar slide_250738_1524418_free slutwalk_prevent_rape




Think about it !

I’m not saying a BYE, because I guess today is worth the thought and wait for me to come back soon.



3 thoughts on “Voice Your Choice! :)

  1. But then dear why be so sensitive to some stupid statement by a non entity like SL or whoever that moron is. This person cannot show her face any where in the world because of the life she leads and here in India she is being glamourised no end. Well I suppose it is time we simply ignored her as some ‘non entity’………..dont want to use any stronger word which is at the tip of my tongue……..and go ahead with our life.
    yes voices must be raised every time against Rape, barring this time. this time it somehow sounds as if we are again glamourising this non entity more than rising up in protest against Rape.
    hope you get what I am trying to say……………..


      1. Of course Peshooo I quite understand that what your main focus was, just that I get so infuriated by the Indian psyche which is allowing so much media coverage and importance to the person. I fully support your cause and must say you are doing a great job. You are so busy in your creativity, had I not stirred up something controversial you wouldn’t have thought of replying, so in a way I am happy I said what I felt and it had its desired effect of evoking your reply. No no just joking…. Keep spinning out all the the wonderful bits of information and we will have a great time taking in all of it. It is like a one stop shop for us now…. Information hypermall!!! Keep going TRL :)))


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