10 amazing TECHNOLOGIES of 2014 that will make you? HAPPY! :)

Hey TRL Readers!

HOLD-IT-RIGHT-THERE. (Tony Stark style – haha)

Every kicky thing has an acronym today, so why not THE REJECTED LEMON, I figured? So, yeah – TRL is short for ‘The Rejected Lemon’.

“TRL makes it big”

“Highest views in history: on TRL”

“Candid interview with Narendra Modi – #TRL”

S-W-A-G, ain’t it? 😀

Okay now, reveries aside – we move to REALITY. Like I had already stated in my previous post, I’m home for Diwali Vacations. And considering I’m an INDIAN teenage girl, I’m entrusted with a lot of responsibilities. From Shopping to assisting my mom with household chores to waking up early (even if I am practically jobless) to the WHAT-NOTs that I am entitled to, I’ve a “on-the-hop” schedule.

I’m not giving you an excuse, well – actually, I am 😛 – for not being able to post since a week. But I am hoping to make amends for that. Well, so yeah – I was brushing up my “mush-that-has-trash-in-it” (in short – my brain) today, and I learnt that –

CHRISTIAN BALE has been hired to play the role of ‘Steve Jobs’ in the biopic of Apple CEO, Steve Jobs – WITHOUT AN AUDITION! 

Yayyyyyy, I thought – look at the transition, mate; From BATMAN to STEVE JOBS! As an afterthought, my mind paused at the mention of Steve Jobs. I’ve always admired him for the phenomenal human being he is. His commencement speech at Stanford University – one of the most inspiring things I’ve seen in a lifetime. His philosophy of “You don’t beat the competition at their game. You redefine the game” is simply marvellous. I thought of ‘Apple’ and how it has evolved over the years. I contemplated the renovations of IPhone and all the other amazing gadgets the company has to offer. PURE G-E-N-I-U-S!

Then, I sat back and thought I should write a post on Techie stuff – because that’s the IN thing. And so, my dear readers, I’ve decided to start a new category on my blog, TECHIPEDIA (analogous to Wikepedia) that will incorporate anything and everything related to TECHNOLOGY. From Gadgets to Science to Inventions to Apps and the endless list of stuff Technology has to offer today.

With this, let’s kick off with today’s topic: 2014’s most amazing Tech Inventions –



Text Your Refrigerator, Washing Machine or Vacuum Cleaner.

Stuck in a traffic jam and wondering if there’s anything yummy to eat at home?

No worries! You can use LG Home Chat to text your refrigerator to check for you.

You can also text your washing machine to start a load whilst you’re out, or tell your robotic vacuum cleaner to tidy up the house.

Truly the next generation of home appliances, eh? 😀







Internet enabled toothbrush.

For those of you didn’t know, this is the world’s first of it’s kind.

It monitors and compares your daily brushing, alongside recommending appropriate brushing techniques.







8 cards in one – to swipe.

A company in San Francisco, COIN, has invented a device the same size as a credit card, which holds the information of up to eight debit, credit, loyalty or gift cards.

You can press a button to choose which one you want to use and then simply swipe your Coin in the usual way.

And if you lose your Coin? The card is synced to your smartphone and when the two are separated, your phone receives a notification.

It is said that one in every five Americans uses this today.



4) HABU App,

Plays music according to your mood.

Mood-based playlist HABU aims to build the perfect playlist in one tap.

As users create mood-based lists ranging from dark to calm, positive and energetic, romantic and sad; your favourite songs are just a tap away.




360 degree photographs.

If you throw the Panomo camera ball into the air, it takes incredible 360 degree photographs from all angles.

Possibly don’t throw it too hard though. Haha!



6) Facebook ROOMS,

Allows you to post anonymously.

For people who want to discuss sensitive issues without using their real name, says Facebook has released a standalone mobile app for iOS that lets users interact on Facebook without using their real names.

A “room” is made up of photos and posts on a single topic chosen by the person who set it up. That person can then invite others to join the room, and all can post anonymously. Colours, icons and cover photos for the room can also be modified to suit the creator’s tastes.

The advert-free site claims it is getting 40,000 requests an hour from users wanting to sign up.




1 TB external drive.

This external hard drive may not be cheap at a price of 490$; but for 1TB of memory, it sure is beautiful. 🙂




Polaroid Pictures App.

Originally floated as a concept back in 2012, the Android-based Socialmatic could revive the beloved Polaroid as we know it.

An inkless printing system enables you to print stickers of your sepia-tinted (If you’re a pro at editing and stuff, you’ll guage that SEPIA is an editing option) images, and customize them using the 4.5 inch touchscreen.

Slated for release by the end of 2014, this is one of the coolest devices that you could add to your photography kit.










Know the product you buy.

In the age of globalization, knowing where your product has been made or grown and its route to the market, has taken a new course.

Embracing this shift in consumer priorities is Provenance – a new type of search engine attempting to chronicle just that.

From chocolate bars to jackets to shoes to knives, it tells you where a product is made, who the manufacturer is and what the product is made from. The site works in collaboration with everyone from small-batch producers to large multinationals in the hope that, by simply taking the mystery out of supply chains and worldwide commerce, it will help shoppers make better choices, as well as gently forcing companies to improve their environmental and social impact.



Insanely Big Latest TV.

This new TV looks insane. And by insane, I mean amazing.

Boasting of a ridiculous 105″ screen, LG has put their curved Ultra HD TV up for pre-sale. Pricing differs massively by location. However, the TV is available for pre-order in South Korea, with a resolution of more than 11 million pixels (5120 x 2160), coupled with a CinemaScope 21:9 aspect ratio for the ultimate viewing experience.

This TV measures more than five times the resolution of a regular Full HD TV, resulting in a series of images that are so rich in both clarity and sharpness that the only way to fully appreciate the quality is to view it with your own eyes.
The sound is equally impressive. With a built in 7.2 channel and new 150W sound system, the TV relies on LG’s own ULTRA Surround concept, which is developed in conjunction with Harman Kardon, a renowned audio manufacturer.

In case this TV is too big for you, there is a smaller version measuring 77″. The future of TV is evolving at an incredible pace, and it feels like only a matter of time before we all have full blown home cinema systems in our homes.


And here comes the end.

OR, is it not?

Everywhere you turn, there’s always an invisible force that keeps us connected to technology. We all have a love and hate relationship with technology. But instead of reaching out for our phones on the drive home, maybe we should just enjoy a little peace after a long day at work, staring at computers.

After all, we have nothing to gain in technology if we lose our souls in the end.

So, walk hand-in-hand with Technology and use it responsibly; because nilly-willy, it is here to stay! 🙂

#Bye, folks. 🙂


4 thoughts on “10 amazing TECHNOLOGIES of 2014 that will make you? HAPPY! :)

  1. Hey TRL, first things first — Thanks for giving us TECHIPEDIA. My pick out of the 10 was PROVENANCE simply because it empowers us and avoids us being fooled everytime simply someone wants to make big bucks on our ignorance. All others were equally amazing as they were supposed to be. And now, I can see that you can do with some helping hand to reign in your tyrant Mom and Dad.. Just joking I can call them names being their friend. But it is also true that they just can’t load chores on a genius…. Shopping, jhadu, bartan, koooda, Kadka……just not done. Well it is like this… Just as all children think their parents don’t know all or enough, the same holds true of all parents. They just cant recognise the genius in their child. So you just leave Babla and Rupa to my care and if they ever again load chores on you, I will shave half my moustache..not that I have any at all. But you just wait till I haul them up and teach them a lesson or two. How dare they deprive us of our daily quota of TRL posts that we so eagerly wait for each day.

    In the mean time just drop all chores where they are and get on with your research and writing.

    Great job you are doing keep it up and God Bless.


    1. hahaha, thank you for the love, Amal Da.
      But Dad and mom are very very very supportive.
      It’s just that there’s so much travelling to do, that I barely find time.
      Plus, the pathetic Internet speed here – ugh.
      But yeah, just incase they ever rebel, I know I can count on you 😀 – hahaha!
      Thanks a lot. I’m glad Provenance came of use to you 🙂


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