FREE CHARITY..Just a click away!

Tring Tring Tring, the bell rings.

“Ishtudents! Pleasshh take your isheaat.”

So used to say my English teacher, back in the 8th Grade. P.S, Hope you get the irony here 😀

With this, HELLO, dear Reader. After the overwhelming response that I had received on my previous article, I decided to rest for a day or two.

Perks of having a huge number of readers that – Haha!

Okay so, a lot has been going on across the globe over the last 3 days. Delhi ranks fourth on harassment in Public Transport – Facebook has launched a free internet app in Tanzania (don’t ask me why – I’m totally clueless 😛 ) – the ‘Umbrella Revolution’ still continues – “HOW TO KISS” is apparently the most googled question of the year – ISRO announces “Mars 2” Mission in 2018 – and Mr. Subramaniam Swamy tweets the rest. Haha. (On a serious note, I respect this man.)

Well, of all the things I’ve mentioned, one thing I didn’t is the EBOLA outbreak that still lingers in every newspaper. It is said that Ebola might infect more than 1.4 million people by January, and to say that this disease is a casual threat to public health, is probably the biggest understatement ever. Thousands of people have already died. But imagine how many families have been affected. Half of them cannot even afford the treatment, even if they knew they are being affected by it.

I sat back and thought what I could do about it. It was then that I found out that Pnemonia and Fever kill more people than Ebola does. Wait! CHILD LABOUR! LITERACY! SANITATION! HEALTH CARE! DEFORESTATION! There are innumerous facets affecting us besides the ones I just mentioned. What is the world doing about it? What are you doing about it? What am I doing about it?

I’m waiting no longer. I am doing something about it, RIGHTAWAY; I ruminated.

And this is what I did, for myself – and for you.

Collected 12 websites that allow you to make a difference, whilst you sit right in your seat 🙂 –


1) GreaterGood, 

A network of great charities that let you donate.

Find the cause, program, or project that resonates with your conscience, and click away.

You could also shop with them to donate more 🙂




2) PayItForwardDay,

Markets the concept of selfless giving.

Do your bit, and PAY IT FORWARD to keep the cycle going.

payitforward 006

3) FreeRice,

This is a UN WORLD FOOD PROGRAM initiative.

Play a simple game! For every right answer that you give, the site donates 10 grains of a rice.

Help end world hunger!


4) GamesThatGive,

Play games at this site and they will give 70% of their ad revenue to your favorite charity.

It’s an amazing opportunity to be able do what many people do in real.


5) FreePoverty,

Choose any advertisement that you want to have a look at it, and view it completely.

That company donates on your behalf 🙂


6) Care2,

From saving Rainforests to paying someone’s semester Fees, they do it all.

An amazing website that offers everything you’ll probably want to see.


7) TwoWings,

Just visiting the website will make your click count.

The easiest thing you can do. C’mon now!

Two Wings LOGO OK

8) TheNonProfits,

I don’t think you would find another website offering you such a diverse range of options to donate to.

Definitely worth a shot. 🙂

9) Charitii,

Play a unique crossword puzzle and challenge your friends.

If you get 10 questions right, the donation amount doubles!


10) Bhookh,

India’s first free charity NGO, that helps feed people through the UN.

Very simple user interface. Won’t be a trouble.


11) HugsAndHope,

Mail a card or gift to a sick child today, and make their day!

Visit the website to know how to go about it 🙂


12) SongsOfLove,

Here’s is something you could do to make a child smile.

If you love to write or perform songs, this may be something you would consider doing.

At Songs of Love, you can create personalized songs for kids who are very ill. Become a kid’s hero! 🙂



Here’s a video that you should watch –


One good deed might not seem like much,

but if everyone did something good for someone else, then the cycle of generosity and kindness can spark us to become better people. 🙂



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