I KISSED my boyfriend last night.

Ohh yeah?

I did? Or I didn’t?

I’ll tell you the kind of thoughts that would have crept into different people’s minds –

“Gosh! Who did she kiss?”

“Is she committed?”

“Ohh, she’s such a bitch!”

“I’m sure they had sex as well”

“Haha! What a desperate female.”

Yeah – I’m cool with it all. 🙂 You judge me. You hate me. You love me. Either way, I’m still on your mind. LOL!

But what is NOT cool is someone who had this creeping through his mind –

“This is an insult to our religion. Put her behind bars!”

“What a slut! She’s corrupting minds.”

G-I-V-E M-E A B-R-E-A-K, folks.


Okay, for those of you that this post is supposed to cater to, let me clarify that I did NOT kiss my boyfriend last night. 😀

So, yeah, I was reading about this couple who had the guts to kiss in a police van after they got arrested – hahaha. Talk about attitude!


But on a serious note, why as a nation, are we so hypocritical about getting physical?

Our grandparents made love, that’s why we have our parents.

Our parents repeated it, we’re here.

We do it…and the cycle continues!

When did I give some douchebag the right to comment on my personal life? It’s MY life, and I get to decide what I want to do. As long as my doing something does not affect you, you may as well not interfere. PERIOD!

I kiss my boyfriend. My brother makes love to his girlfriend. It is a way of life. Whether I do it for pleasure, relief or just about any other reason, I get to choose. So, stay out of my way.

Like my tee says, “We live in a country where it is okay to PISS in public, but not KISS in public.” 😀



Have a look at this –

(what I was talking of, above 😀 )




There’s so much negativity in the world already. We don’t need more, do we?

Let’s make a move towards peace.

Because right now, I feel the 20th century was way better. 🙂












4 thoughts on “I KISSED my boyfriend last night.

  1. I didn’t get you. Are you supporting or speaking against? The first lines between RESPECT & ARE YOU SERIOUS seem to be supporting while the ones below the photo seem to be against.


    1. Thank you for writing to TRL. 🙂
      I am against the fact that this couple was arrested.
      This was just a satire.
      I mentioned the negatives first, and then compensated them with the positives, to end on a bright note.
      Hope you understand now?
      Do follow the blog, and be a regular reader and interact.
      It means a lot to me. Thank You. 🙂
      Do tell friends about this blog, as well.


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