I’m a SOUTH INDIAN, and I’m NOT a Tamilian.

Vanakkam !

Just tailgating the title – NOT exercising my South Indian influence. Don’t get me wrong here! 😛

Okay, so continuing the “Cut-it-short-week”, here I go.

Considering I am a South Indian currently studying in Jaipur, I guess this post is more of a personal experience, than mere observations.

It’s been an year and a half here, and Jaipur is a beautiful place. The people are friendly. The food is tasty. The forts are a treat to the eye. Only that all this makes me wish the people here realized the beauty of the place I come from. And I don’t think that’s too much to expect. NOT at all. When I can differentiate between Rajasthan and Haryana, Jammu and Himachal, Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal and the languages and rituals practiced there, I guess the least I can expect in return is for people to differentiate between the prevalent SOUTH INDIAN states.


So, yeah, here’s something you ought to know –

1) Every South Indian is NOT a Tamilian. PERIOD.

South India (I’m only including the ones people usually mix up) comprises of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

People from Karnataka speak KANNADA and are called ‘Kannadigas’.

People from Kerala speak MALAYALAM and are called ‘Malayalis’.

People from Tamil Nadu speak TAMIL and are called ‘Tamilians’.

People from Andhra Pradesh speak TELUGU and are called ‘Andhraites’.

People from Telangana (recently bifurcated. Earlier, a part of Andhra Pradesh) speak TELUGU and URDU, and are called ‘Telanganaites’.





2) Not all South Indians are DARK. PERIOD.

The films potray them that way. Agreed.

Many South Indians are dark. Also Agreed.

But all of them – A BIG ‘no’ !

Half my friends are way fairer than the North Indians. This is definitely a stereotype. GOSH!

                                      Hema_malini_bhungama1 13aug_Sridevi

Shruti Haasan Hot Stills in Race Gurram _2_        

3) Bharatnatyam is NOT the only dance form we know. PERIOD.

 The first thing that I’m asked by people here, “Hey! You must be knowing Bharatnatyam, right?”

NOOOOOO! I do NOT. Listen up now, here are the official dances of the states –

KARNATAKA — has a variety of folk arts, but KUNITHA (a form of ritual dance) and Mysore Style of Bharatnatyam are the most famous.

KERALA — There are five classical dance forms, but the most popular are KATHAKALI and MOHINIYATTAM.


TAMIL NADU — This is where Bharatnatyam originated, my friends. KARAKATTAM is another famed dance form here.


60211.244_bharatnatyam_999img_6790_edited             Kathakali_IMG_0351_by_Joseph_Lazer kuchipudi2




4) I’m NOT a vegetarian. I enjoy Chicken, Chapathi, Chowmein and the endless carnivorous and NON-southie eats as much. PERIOD.

Noooo! IDLY and SAMBHAR is NOT the only thing I love.

RICE is NOT the only thing I eat all day.

I do not have the slightest trace of a herbivore.

YES. I binge on chicken. I may as well beat a Punjabi to it.

Hyderabadi Biryani, Mangalorean Chicken Curry, Chicken Salma, Bamboo Chicken and Chettinad Chicken are some of South India’s most popular non-vegetarian dishes [facepalm*]

887_large_chicken 65 Hyderabadi Dum Chicken Biryani 5 Chettinad Chicken Masala
5) I’m a South Indian FEMALE, and I wear WESTERN OUTFITS as often as Traditional ones. PERIOD.

Boy, yeah! If you are one of those people who thought a South Indian girl is a boring teetotaler with a huge bindi on her forehead, always worried about her dupatta slipping down her shoulder – think again!

Samantha_photos_at_Ramayya_vastavayya_promotion_001?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????                Deepika-Padukone-Close-Up-Photos-in-Transparent-SareeDeepika-Padukone-VanHeuSen-05




6) I’m a South Indian MALE, and I do NOT have a 5-inch moustache that twirls at both ends. PERIOD.

“Anna Rascala! Mind it” – now that is a stereotypical South Indian based villian’s dialogue. So, you cannot assume that every South Indian guy looks that way. C’mon! NO!

karthikeya-working-stills-191380193424                   Mahesh-Babu-new-stylish-images-762



Even if they do, they do NOT necessarily look like the villians in Chennai Express –

Naga-Shourya-12                            allu-arjun-idharammayilatho-photos-8-347x480




7) Not all South Indians have an accent while speaking Hindi or English. PERIOD.

“Meraa appaaa baahut boora aadmi hye” (Mere pitaaji bohat bure aadmi hain) is how Deepika says it, but not how every other Southie does.

Half the South Indians talk Hindi and English as well as or way better than most North Indians.





8) It is very normal for a South Indian to be not-so-NERDY. PERIOD.  

Yes, I am from the South.

But NO, I don’t oil my hair everyday.

NO, I don’t wear soda-thick glasses.

NO, I am NOT a ‘champu’ !

raone27811_1 English Vinglish 52




9) All South Indians are NOT Loud people. PERIOD.


These are the words.

And basically, the languages are such. They demand us to use several voice modulations and tones 😛

If you are sensible enough, you’ll see that most Southies are actually some of the most pleasant and composed people you will ever come across.

nitya menon photo          Anjali-In-SVSC





10)  NOT all South Indians lick their fingers while eating. PERIOD.

Yes, it is true that Indian food is truly finger-lickin’, like KFC. 😀

So, we all lick our fingers when we are alone, Blame the YUMMY FOOD. NOT ‘You’!





Here’s one video at StoryPick that recently went viral 😀 –


In the hope that you transcend boundaries and make a conscious effort to know more about  South Indians. 😛



12 thoughts on “I’m a SOUTH INDIAN, and I’m NOT a Tamilian.

  1. The video wasn’t made by Storypick. It was made by Enna Da Rascalas, started by a creative collaborative called The Stray Factory. Storypick had just shared it 🙂


    1. Yeah. I know that 🙂
      That’s why I never said ‘made by’.
      I saw it at STORYPICK, and that’s what I said.
      Plus, this connects with the crowd. Andhuke.
      Bdw, it’s an awesome video, ain’t it? 😀


  2. When the North address us as Madrasse there is no pain, afterall, we were once from Madras state and no harm in that… In fact I used to feel pride but the way the Bollywood is degrading us is so undigestable.. I think it was in Raavan that Mr. SRK, playing a south indian, is shown having his noodles with curd/yogurt, as if it is so usual here .. was that really making any sense?!! To the best of my knowledge I’ve not seen any. And especially in more than couple of films of SRK I observed such sarcasm towards south indians.. I dont know what brings his team so fun?!!


    1. Exactly my point.
      We’re belittled and our culture is looked down upon.
      This is a disgrace to the country.
      While the South Indians know the North Indian Culture well, the vice versa isn’t prevalent.
      Let’s pray that this post reaches at least some people and they get enlightened 🙂
      Cheers! Do FOLLOW the page, for further updates.


  3. Hi Vaishnavi, I am not sure how to reach you so I m using this post. Please delete this comment when you read.

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