TADAH TADAH TADAA DAAA – or so went the James Bond music. 😀

The Blue Ticks on WHATSAPP have made life miserable. As if LAST SEEN wasn’t good enough. India wins it’s first bilateral series in Australia. Beats Australia 3-1. Kudos to HOCKEYYYYY! Narendra Modi’s cabinet is soooo goddamn diverse, from IITians to Plumbers – the country is progressing.

Okay, enough of the “berserk”-me for today. Like I said, TRL is celebrating the “CUT-IT-SHORT” week, so I’ll be as brief as possible, and let you do your bit of homework.

So, today’s TOI (Topic Of Interest) is OXIGENWALLET. It’s this amazing app that I came across whilst I was tweeting this afternoon, and I thought it was worth a share. Oxigen Wallet is India’s first RBI approved non-bank wallet to be integrated with NPCI allowing instant money transfer from the Wallet to 60+ banks and vice versa using the Immediate Payment Service (IMPS).

Office Party and low on cash?

Late in the night and want to pay your bills?

Friend needs money, want to transfer through whatsapp?

Broke in college, want a pay back on BookMyShow?

Well, I’m sure you’ve a category to fit in – and OxigenWallet is “THE” place for you 🙂


I am leaving behind this picture that you’re likely to find useful –





This is surely a quick fix to all your instant payment needs.

Install it, and Oxigen-ate awayyyyy! 🙂



2 thoughts on “OxigenWallet.

  1. Hi TRL, thanks a lot for all the useful tips. But yeh dil mange more………..cant you have one single compilation of all those pages summarised so that we dont have to go over all the pages again and again. well you got us addicted, now you give us the smarter way out……Hey, I am joking! 🙂


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