Boys raped more than Girls!

While most of us were busy uploading our childhood pictures this Children’s Day,

take a look at the other side of the coin.


5-6 children die of abuse every day in the world.


3 million girls in Africa, Egypt and Sudan subjected to genital mutilation every year.


218 million child labourers found worldwide, out of which 126 million are subjected to hazardous work.

With regard to child labour in India, 50.2% of children work all seven days of the week.

81.16% of the girl child labourers work in domestic households, while 84% of the boy child labourers worked in tea stalls or kiosks.


150 million girls and 73 million boys under 18 forced into some form of sexual violence.


53% of children in India are victims of sexual abuse, says a survey conducted by UNICEF.

What’s worse is that in 50% cases, the abusers were known to the child – their grandfathers, their uncles, their tuition masters, their fathers.


Children between the ages of 5-12 are at the highest risk for abuse and exploitation.

69% of children reported to have been physically abused. Out of these 54.68% were boys.


52.91% of boys and 47.09 % of girls reported having been abused in their family environment.

Out of this, 88.6% were abused by their parents.


Every two out of three school children reported are facing corporal punishment.


65.99 % of boys and 67.92% of girls living on the street are reportedly being physically abused by their family members and other people.


Every 2 minutes, a kid is sexually assaulted in the U.S.

(Here’s the math.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice’s National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), there is an average of 237,868 victims (age 12 or older) of rape and sexual assault each year. There are 525,600 minutes in a non-leap year. That makes 31,536,000 seconds/year. So, 31,536,000 divided by 237,868 comes out to 1 sexual assault every 133 seconds, or about 1 every 2 minutes.)





Meanwhile, what the government has to say.

In Gurgaon, Haryana, the deputy commissioner admits he is “so busy that it becomes difficult to take time out for the welfare committee.”

While 83 percent of members of the National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights have had training on child rights, only 44 percent have received training on juvenile justice systems and child protection. This means that many members simply do not understand the law, its rules, or evidence.

Narendra Tiwary, a divisional rescue officer in Uttar Pradesh, complained that he has practically no staff to help him and his office does not even have a computer. “The government is not aware of the true reality on the ground, even the state government doesn’t understand”, he said.

Of the approximately INR 1073 crores (US$200 million) allocated over five years for the ICPS, only about INR 308 crores (US$60 million) was spent or earmarked during its first three years.

In fact, in 2010-2011, only four states had spent everything they had received as the fund.




The little Good that is happening.

Childline 1098 is run as a partnership of the central Ministry of Women and Child Development and the Childline India Foundation. This NGO launched the service in Mumbai in 1996 as a toll-free helpline for children in distress, and it now operates in more than 200 cities and districts. As of March 2011 it had received a total of 21 million calls. There are more than 415 centres of the helpline now.





What you can do!


Share this post.

Tweet about the cause.

Spread the word about Childline 1098.

Do your bit for the kids suffering around you.



This might help.





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