Show Men Some Love!

19 November.

International Men’s Day, folks.

To all those men out there – fathers who slog for their families, sons who decide not to be chauvinists, brothers who are resolutely considerate and male buddies who are a boon in every girl’s life; this day is yours!

We celebrate Women’s Day with such pomp, then why not Men’s Day? I agree men are egoistic. They are chauvinists. They are dominant. They rape the innocent. They humiliate with their gaze. Yes, they are ALL of this. But, NOT ‘all’ of them.

My life started when one man took me in his arms, planted a cheek on my forehead and vowed to take care of me forever. He stood by his word. My dad, my first love.

My life took form when another man carried me to school each day because I bruised my leg, and am sure wouldn’t have minded doing it for an eternity. My brother, my underprop.

My life felt color when another man boosted up my confidence and lent me the support I craved for, at times when I was hardest hit. My best friend, my chaddi-buddy 😀 !

It is because of all these men that I’m who I am. I am not picturing the world as a bed of roses. I have had my share of awful incidents. Seen the worst of things and faced the quintessential trauma every other girl does beyond the four walls of her house. BUT, I choose to look at the brighter side. I choose NOT to be a hypocrite. I choose to criticize the evil, and also praise the good. I choose to voice my gratitude to all these men.

It’s all over the Internet. #ShowMenSomeLove, an amazing initiative taken up by #HeBeInteresting.

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL MEN’S DAY, to all the men out there, who crave for love and respect. 🙂


On the other hand, #TeachMenSomeLove, is what follows.

Here’s a beautiful video that you should all watch –


2 thoughts on “Show Men Some Love!

  1. I take the pleasure of feeling that being a male is just not to be a chimp..with a banana in hand…And otherwise who raised the world to civilization.. #HAILMEN


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