SHARE this and you’re JAILED!

Ahem Ahem Ahem.

CHILLAX. You’ll be jailed only if you’re Russian. Read this further to know why. 😛

So, it’s been a while. Yeah.

I’ve been busy. Yeah.

I’ve exams, sucking the life out of me. Yeah.

I’m going to do an amazing post today? Definitely, yeah.

Keeping in mind the shortage of time and energy in me, I’ve decided to do something simple and quick.

Hope it’ll quench the thirst of the rejected lemon. 😉


6 facts that you ought to know-

1) Goldman Sachs is the most politically connected corporation in the world,

it was also Obama’s largest campaign donor in 2008.

Moreover, 60% of their top executives are Jews, who only account for 2% of the US population.

This is reportedly the highest ratio among peers.





2) In West & Central Africa, 23.2 million children of primary school age are #outofschool.

Of which 52% are girls.





3) Nearly 1/4 of all food produced for people globally is lost due to spoilage or waste.

Like, seriously?

6 million people die of hunger each year, my friend.

Stop WASTING Food.






4) In Russia, the ‘Share’ button can lead to jail.

Okay, so if I was Russian, I’d have been jailed a million times now? LOL.





5) Salaries rise up by 11% in India; factoring inflation, 3.4%

Phew. I’m gonna graduate in a year or two.

Heaving a sigh of relief. Hehe!






6) CHRIS Nolan shot ‘Interstellar’ on film, and did not use a single green screen.

This man is sheer genius.







Roomie’s yelling. Warden’s screaming.

Assignments beckoning.

Without another word, I’m OFF.



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