I bet you’ve never seen a VIDEO more beautiful.

Hey everyone.

Like I’ve stated earlier, I’ve my exams down the line.

And thus apologize for not being able to devote too much time to you guys.

Dad always told me people who love me the most will always understand me, and so, I trust so will you.


So, yeah, I was in the loo this morning, and whilst I was on a Pinterest-Twitter-Instagram marathon, I bumped into this amazing video.

I watched it five times, back-to-back. Trust me, it was a treat to the guy.

Basically, this video was filmed by Norwegian filmmaker and landscape photographer, Mister T-S-O from his vantage point at El Teide, Spain’s highest mountain. He did this for over a week, and the result is what you shall witness below –


Hope you loved heaven as much as I did.

Love you all.



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