Stand up for MALES. The Social Experiment.

Feminism. Patriarchy. Gender Violence.

Ring a bell? Hell, yeah.

Half of you might be thinking “Ugh, not this boring crap again!”

Yeah. Passing such comments sitting in your coach and browsing stuff online whilst you’re sipping coffee. So simple!

Sadly, life for many out there isn’t so easy and content.

According to the U.S Department of Justice, a man is physically assaulted every 37 seconds, and a woman every 7 seconds.

An estimated 1.5 million men and 4.6 million women are physically assaulted every year, worldwide.


If a woman is being assaulted, people come to her rescue, more often than not.

But if a man is being abused, people laugh it off. They live under the belief that men are strong and brave.

Why are we allowing this double standard of gender violence to prevail ?

The solution? GENDER EQUALITY.



Wake Up.


Act !



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