11 Creative ‘Wedding Cards’ that you would love to receive.

Heyy Folks.

Dude, seriously.

I’ve been writing some serious stuff for a while now. And I JUST realized this. *apologies* 😀

Umm, so yeah – I’ve been busy with exams and crap. So, last night, while I was engrossed in nth derivative of the nth function of Cosine, my mom had called up to tell me that she went shopping and got me 5 dresses.

I squealed in joy. I’m a typical draamebaaz Indian girl at the end of the day, and I love shopping. O-B-V-I-O! LOL.

But what came after was certainly not-so-joyful. 10 weddings in a week. Yeah, you got me right. That is supposedly how my mother has planned out my seven day vacation in December. THIS IS SO NOT DONE, I thought to myself.

And so TRL Readers, here comes my post for today –

11 creative wedding cards that truly deserve a thumbs-up. 🙂


1) Yeah, they’re taking a ‘step’ forward in life; and want you to ‘step forward’ to their wedding.





2) Sure, you have a sweet tooth; don’t you? 

What a brilliant way to send someone chocolates and invite them to your wedding.






3) “Moocho ko thoda round ghumaake, Anna ke jaisa chashma lagaake, coconut mein lassi milaake, aa jaao saare mood banaake”.






4) A true connotation of Dairy Milk’s SHUBH AARAMBH promotions.

cadbury_invitation cardcadbury_invitation card1





5) They are flying away to their paradise. Why don’t you accompany them?





6) They love the Zoo-zoos. They love their story. Do you love it too?

Creative Wedding Card (1)





7) Yeah, that’s just a virtual ring. They want you to go see the real one.






8) Awww. Isn’t this the best return gift you could get? 

I’d have missed the IITJEE to attend this wedding.






9) Because they are the battery, and you are the plug point.





10) Yeah, mate! They’re tying the knot. Literally!




11) Classy. Elegant. Chic.

This is my personal favourite. I’d root for this to be my wedding card, anyday. 😉





Okay, so, to the ones who are getting married, hope you could use some idea out of this.

And to the ones who aren’t, hope this tempts you to grab your soulmate soon.



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