26/11 : Summed up in 20 Pictures.


The City Of Dreams!

Time and again, the home of Bollywood has walked the fine line between hope and despair.

From floods to bomb blasts to riots, the “spirit” of the Mumbaikars has always been tested.


Tuesday, six years ago, the night of 26 November 2008. Mumbai witnessed it’s worst nightmare.

10 Pakistani terrorists. 4 damn days. Hundreds killed. Many more injured. Quadruple more affected.


The bullet holes have been plastered (except the ones left as a tourism stratagem).

The shattered glasses have been replaced with new ones.

The doors have opened again.

Yet Mumbai just feels numb to it. All it can do is feel unsafe and wait for the next attack to happen.




The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

canvas cro

No. RED isn’t your favourite color now, is it ?


It’s not just the glass that shattered. It was beyond.



Because not everyone was as lucky as the photographer who survived the tragedy.

mqdefault 0

They trembled in fear. They died in pain.

They begged for live, yet all was in vain.

mqdefault (1) mqdefault (2)

Just a few noticeably blurred camera captures.


The Wasabi Restaurant in Taj completely burned.

ak47 in station

Ajmal Kasab, the Lashkar-e-Taiba member

(Murdered in 2008. Hanged in 2012. Gosh! 

Murderers live such a happy life in this country.)

800px-2008_Mumbai_terror_attack_VT_bullet_mark 800px-2008_Mumbai_terror_attacks_Oberoi_Restaurant Cafe_leopold_damage_Mumbai_nov_2008

Because sadly, walls and panes aren’t bulletproof, like our memories.

(3 other spots, amongst the 12 spots attacked in those 4 days)



26-11-mubai-wallpapers (1)

The support, the spine!


Trying to do their bit.




More than their bit.





Although they didn’t need to.


Although they didn’t share the same blood.


Although they weren’t the richest or the most powerful.


Although all they had was a bulletproof jacket and a brave heart.


Looking to God cuz’ the Government won’t respond.

candel light   outside Taj mahal hotel in Mumbai. Hemant Padalkar DNA

How could we thank them enough?

Salute to the martyrs!

chabad house reopen after 6 yrs

Nariman House (or Chabad House) in Colaba set to open, after 6 years.

Here is a list of all those brave people, who did their bit against 26/11; along with their stories –http://www.rediff.com/heroes08.html

Knowing that 20 pictures is nothing to sum up this tragedy, all I can say is –

“26/11: We will never forgive. We will never forget.”

Jai Hind.



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