I’m a Prostitute and I deserve to live!

Sex. Slut. Prostitution.

Sex. Slut. Prostitution.

Sex. Slut. Prostitution.

The words did incessant cartwheels in my mind, and my head started to reel, as I read the words one-after-the-other.

“Shweta Basu of Makdee fame arrested for prostitution”


Wait, are you kidding me? I never knew the world would be so harsh on you. Tomorrow, my friend might be Shweta Basu. Day after, I might be her. Meh, how does that make a difference to you?

Shweta Basu is NOT your mother, NOT your sister, NOT your daughter. So, who gives you the right to be judgmental? Who allows you to stoop “oh-so-low” to call her names? Who sanctions you the authority to have her arrested? NOT God. NOT the Bible. NOT Lord Krishna. NOT the Prophet. If there is someone or something, it is your godforsaken shallow MIND, that repeatedly beckons you to be the ruthless animal that you are.

I’m quoting ‘the Bible’ here. Jesus Christ said, “I tell you the truth, the tax collectors and the prostitutes are entering the kingdom of God ahead of you. For John came to you to show you the way of righteousness, and you did not believe him, but the tax collectors and the prostitutes did. And even after you saw this, you did not repent and believe him”.

Forget that.

You might be American, Turkish, Danish, Muslim, Hindu or any of the ‘-ians’ or ‘-ishs’ that exist in the world today, but the fact of paramount importance lies in your transcending boundaries and becoming SANE in the head. You have one life to live. Let’s say you live to be 60. No, you’re lucky – say, 70. How many weeks is that? 4 weeks a month, approximately 50 weeks (weekends, rather) an year, so that works out to – hmm? Let me get a calculator 😀 – chuck it – let’s just say 3500 weekends until the time you die. Is it worth living the life of a cynic, for a mere 3500 weekends? Can’t we just be merry and jolly? Love everyone around us. Let people be who they are. Respect them for what they are. NOT comment and judge until it is affecting us in some way. NOT wrong someone’s religion. NOT rule out their believes. NOT discard their ideas. Can we just NOT be what we are now? Can we just NOT be what we were a second ago? Can we just NOT be stuck at where we are, and transform ourselves into better human beings every passing minute?

“Monster mother forces girl into flesh trade”

Yes, Sir. We live in a diabolic world where the victim is punished for having been a victim. Okay, I will just un-complicate this for you. In aasaan bhaasha, suppose you are being forced into prostitution; or let’s just say you are a prostitute and you go to the police station to claim that you have been beaten or misbehaved with, you know what happens to you? SIMPLE. The police, instead of going out there and jailing the criminal, sits back, has a good laugh and shoves you behind bars. WHY? Because it is a crime to be a prostitute. You’re a SLUT (yeah, that is what you’d be called. Cute nickname, eh? Haha.) and it is illegal to be one. So, you’d be questioned in return (Ohh, there is also an added smug smile on the policeman’s face – free gift enclosed) as to why you entered the trade in the first place. So SIMPLE. 🙂 You know, now that I come to think of it, the stereotype about Indians being lazy traces it’s roots back to the Constitution. The Laws are LAZY. The Courts are LAZY. The Government is LAZY. The Police is LAZY. The citizens are LAZY. You are LAZY. I am LAZY. Irony of Life. The cycle goes on eternally. #NOPunIntended.

Oh I forgot to mention. LAZY has it’s synonyms in – negligent, reckless, brazen and shameless. Just saved you the burden of GOOGLE-ing or checking the dictionary. You owe me one for that, mate.

Anyway, so why don’t we legalize Prostitution? Just why don’t we? What is the harm? It is here to stay anyway.

Criminalizing it is NOT the solution. It will not drive away prostitution, it will just drive it underground; pave way for rampant exploitation and abuse. Make naive youngsters vulnerable to it. It will just make the whole trade a ‘dark’ secret that people would indulge in, but not have a healthy discussion about.

Why the escapism, I ask? Why be evasive?

Nilly-willy, there are men who will always land up in a brothel. Whatever be the reason. Emotional, Physical, Psychological.

Nilly-willy, there are women who will take to prostitution or the least, be talked into it; worse, forced into it.

Nilly-willy, there are policemen who will turn a blind eye to the brothels in return for their pockets being filled.

Nilly-willy, there is the government that has ‘more’ important issues to tackle, like, the luxury villas they get built for themselves. On public funds, yes. So efficient.

If this is inevitable, why not do something beneficial for all those innocent men and women out there? Why not legalize prostitution? Why not treat them the way they are meant to be? Afterall, men and women who voluntarily become prostitutes deserve to make a decision for themselves and those who are forced into the trade deserve justice, don’t they? For either to happen, we ought to shed our shell of hypocrisy and elevate the ‘status of the slut’ to a new level of dignity. We ought to do our bit to legalize the trade. To push the government to take a step forward. What harm will legalization do you? Think of the benefits.

The victims get their share of justice.

Sex trafficking could be mitigated.

Prostitution could be taxed. More money. Better economy. (Hey Government Of India, this is the biggest bribe you’re ever likely to lay your hands upon. Ab toh kar do yaaron?)

Rape rate would decrease. (Not kidding. Facts say that rape would roughly decrease by 25% if the trade were to be legalized)

The disabled would have a chance to experience the ‘sacred’ act. You think Juliet is going to fall for them, otherwise?

It would lower the incidence of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. On the contrary, people believe decriminalizing the trade would increase the rate. I just fail to understand when education started being detrimental to the interests of humanity.

It’s an endless list, you see. We just need to DO OUR BIT.

Whoever said, “Prostitution is not merely an exchange of sexual favors; it is a financial exchange. At this point, individualists rise to defend the free market as well as a person’s self-ownership. This is expressed by the question: ‘Prostitution is a combination of sex and the free market. Which one are you against?’ “


FYI, This should help 🙂 –




Thank You, Son.

May the force be with you!






7 thoughts on “I’m a Prostitute and I deserve to live!

  1. I have to thank you for the efforts you’ve put in writing this website.
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    1. Angelina,
      That’s really sweet of you.
      Thanks a lot, sweetypie.
      I’d be glad to help you with any qualms regarding starting a new blog. I hope it does great!
      Feel free to contact me. :*



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