The Night I Walked That Road

44% of rape victims are under the age of 18.

46% of them are raped by their own family members. It is never too late to report a crime. 

Dedicated to all the men and women who have faced or are facing physical and mental abuse in any-which way.


The night I walked that road,

joyous and blissful – to my abode,


Nature was beckoning me – wow,

the silent street and the gleaming stars above,


I dreamt of homemade chicken and sweets,

I was looking forward to my family meets and greets,


A Kurti I wore, with a very loose pant,

“Such a pretty outfit”, my friends would always rant,


I walked in silence – enjoying all of this,

but destiny planned otherwise – it didn’t seek bliss,


He came out of nowhere – a tall, dark man,

he grabbed me by my hair and shoved me into the van,


He groped me and kissed me,

and felt me and hurt me,


Oblivious to my feelings, to my raging soul,

Ignorant and vicious, he dug deeper into the hole,


my vagina was bleeding,

on it he was feeding,


my breasts felt lighter,

his ego shone brighter,


I was crying hard and writhing in pain,

I tried to fight, but all in vain,


He finished what he had come to do,

He returned to where he was meant to,


My lovely outfit was torn now, what would I tell my friends?

the lane I walked seemed new now, I knew not the route nor the bends,


I wished to rip my soul apart, but my body didn’t let me,

I wanted to scream my heart out, but my voice’s echo wasn’t meant to be,


So, I thought of God and thanked him,



I wore on my rags with a ripped soul,

and went on to reach my abode.


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