She Was Dusky And I Was In Love!

5 feet 8 inches.
Skin tone — Dusky.
Brown hair.
Intelligent. Emotional. Witty.
And Sexy.
That’s what she is.
My beautiful lady in Pink.

Gorgeous she looked. The frills of her gown swept the floor as she walked closer to me. She kept tangling her curls. How mesmerizing her locks were. The realistic version of ‘Goldilocks’, really.
Her eyes had an unusual spark in them. They were gleaming. Was it because of the chandeliers or was it because they brimmed with the joy of my sight? I knew not!

My love for her deepened with every step that she took towards me. Inseparable we were. Even by God. I craved for her touch. I longed for her lips. It was seven years since we made love. We transcended boundaries and seas and deserts and flew all the way down to attend this reunion ball just so we could reunite again. I couldn’t wait anymore.

There she was! A few feet more, darling. And I promise to never let yo..

The chandeliers began to shake. My hands started to tremble. The floor was moving. People were running hither skitter in frantic.
I couldn’t see her anymore.
My mind would not waver off anywhere. All I could think of was WHERE IS SHE?
I couldn’t stand up. Stilettos kept treading over me. And then, I saw her feet.
Still. Beautiful as ever.
I wished to kiss them.

I managed to get onto my feet. I walked towards her. Whatever would she think of my bruised body, I pondered? She lay still.

As I crawled towards her face, she saw me. I couldn’t see her though. I could just see the pearl-like-tear drop down her cheek.
That moment, the world froze. I could hear nothing.

Those bastards and bitches. They stomped her all over. She was bleeding. I looked at myself. Damn, so was I.
Stampedes are awful. I need to get her an ambulance, I thought.
she put her hand forward. I bent to touch it and moved closer.

Whoooooshhhhhhh! came a huge whirlpool and sucked us into it.

Gone were our bodies.
But our souls still longed to unite.


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