India’s Daughter – Roses in the altar room, Thorns in the living room!

Hoping you give this a thought and it inspires you too 🙂 –

As a nation erupts in colors of Holi today, we’ve desecratingly discolored our Eves for life in a hypocritical sense of moral obligatory power to ban the ‘Indian Daughter’. Like as though veiling our dark secrets would eradicate their despicable existence. Let’s face our maniacal sides with shame and accept a fault. For, that’s the first step to transformation in the pursuit of redemption.

Isn’t it a pity that a spineless 6 inch organ controls an evolved 6 foot man. And an irony that a cosmetic veil unleashes the lusting beast in all of us.

Across time, a fragile limb has been wrongly extrapolated to a fragile soul.

No human is beneath another,  least of all the one who creates life!

It’s time a generation of men stared in the eye of their history with women; of unpalatable excuses, inexistent or delayed justice, and domineering life style.

We’ve reduced the gift of precious human life to a stretching nightmare of a lifetime  for merely turning out with a different anatomy. Especially in the land of hypocritical spirituality where stones of goddesses are worshipped and their living forms groped. Where a wealthy man’s lust can be purchased in the muted tears of the trafficked meek minors.

We all seek to appease the goddess of wealth and education.  Sacred pedestals in our altar rooms. But we are repulsed by the idea of welcoming them in our house as a child for we crib that she’d take it all with matrimony. A loving child suddenly became a burden. Roses in the altar room. Thorns in the living room.

Perhaps injustice was always our way of life in this land. For across time, even from our epics we find no redemption. Even God’s own sister, Draupadi, with five invinvible guardians had to wait 13 haunting years for her justice, for being publicly disrobed.

I am pained that we’ve decided to ban the ‘Indian Daughter’ from our media. But I’m more deeply hurt that we’ve silently banned the ‘Indian Daughter’ from even our lives!

“Doesn’t matter if you got no wealth or power. Earn some character and you’re King!”

Just incase you haven’t watched the video, here’s the link –


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