#TeenyTale1: The Mystery of the Lonely Road

Okay, so a few days ago, this one story of mine was LIKED by Paulo Coelho.

So I figured that the smartest thing to do now would be to spearhead a series, TEENY TALES.

And here I am, with PART 1.


The moonlight was bright.
The stars twinkled dimmer.
He walked that lonely road while the cool breeze blew over his face.
Whether the silence pleased him or the dead air scared him, he knew not.

All he knew was that he smelt something rotten.
“The end is near”, a voice booed.
It sent shivers down his spine.

Out of nowhere, he felt a hand on his shoulder.

His hands trembled, his feet shook, his body quivered.

In fear, in apprehension, in anxiety.


The moon shone dimmer now.
The stars twinkled brighter now.
The end was near.

And then, the director said,

” Cut It” ! 😀


Ciao, folks!


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