The Bally Baronet !

My name is Jhilmil.
‘Jhalli Jhilmil’ is what my friends at work call me.

I come from a poor family in the slums of Kolkata.
My 5feet 6inch tall father sells pakodas at Park Street.
My 3feet mother manages to do the household chores somehow (wait, she is not a kid. She just lost her legs in an accident. ) , with the assistance of my aged granny.

I am preparing for my UPSC exams. I want to be an IAS officer, but my neighbours tell me ‘kichchu hobey na’.

I barely have access to anything.

I read under the sun and the moon.
And thank god for it.

I bathe in the Ganges.
And thank god for it.

I write with a pin that I stole from a tailor’s place.
I don’t have a book. And my house doesn’t have walls. So, I use the pin on the mud that we live in.

My life is simple.
I go to the city early in the morning.

It is beautiful, Mumbai. The gushing sea water.
The chirping of the birds.
The perennial breeze that blows on your face.
It is so soothing.

Oh, I forgot to tell you what I do.
I’m a rag picker. 🙂

My life revolves around the garbage that people discard.
It is an interesting profession.
Scamming through the bin.
We live in so much hope each day.
Hope that we’ll strike gold.
Hope that we’ll find food.

And today, I did.
I found something that indeed meant a lot.
I found a burger.
It said, “Mec Dawnold”.
Yes, I think that is the spelling.

It was half eaten, but still. It was scrummy.
I prayed to God and thanked him for the burger.
I thanked him for he proved that he exists.
For he gave me my bread!

What day is luckier than the one which gets you closer to divinity?
Which time is luckier than that which quenches your burning fire?


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