15 Reasons Why I’m Proud Of Being a “Vijayawada”-ite!

Okay, so, Hi !

My name is Vaishnavi Ray. I am from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.

And I am proud of being born and brought up there.

Wanna know why? Here you go –


1) Vijayawada is one of the cleanest cities in the country, and “the” cleanest in the state.

Says, not me; but the Ministry of Urban Development.

Vijayawada tops Andhra Pradesh’s list with 49.06 points.

Source: SpiceJet


2) It is the commercial capital of Andhra Pradesh.

Now, talk about it. Ours is the second largest city, after Visakhapatnam; and we breed the trade and commerce of the state.

Who cares about anything else? The business lies here, baby! 😀

The city alone has a GDP of nearly 3 billion dollars (Pretty dated statistics, though. The number is said to have shot up manifold now.)

Source: The Hindu



3) The Vijayawada Railway Station has some records to its name. 

  • It is the only station in India to have five entrance gates with booking counters.
  • Constructed in 1888, the railway station has ten platforms for passenger trains, serving 50 million passengers per year.
  • One of the largest railway junctions in India.
  • Silicon India, India TV and IBN Live have rated the station as one of the most popular and beautiful railway stations in the country.

Source: Indian Travels


4) It is one of Asia’s largest automobile industry hubs.

I did not say Andhra Pradesh. I did not say India. I said ASIA.

Point to be noted, my lord!

One well equipped industrial estate lies in the area of Autonagar (The Jawahar Lal Nehru Auto Nagar Industrial Estate) and the other near Kondapalli.

Source: The Hindu


5) It has the busiest and the fourth largest bus terminal in the country.

Besides Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad, I mean.

The Pandit Nehru Bus Station was inaugurated on 23 September 1990 and has been officially renamed as Telugu Satavahana Prayana Pranganam.

I mean, who says we cannot be the capital of the state?

Source: HourDose



6) It has India’s first ever Gandhi Memorial with seven stupas.

Located at an elevation of 500 feet, this is indeed a place with traces in history.

The 16 metre stupa was unveiled on 6 October 1968 by Dr. Zakir Hussain, the President of India.

Source: JourneyMart


7) Andhra Pradesh’s first private engineering college was set up here.

Well, I’m referring to V R Siddhartha Engineering College.

FYI, Ram Gopal Varma was a pass-out from this place.

Source: CollegeDunia



8) It is home to the first medical university in India

Founded on 1 November 1986, NTR University of Health Sciences is indeed the first in the field.

Source: HourDose



9) The very first theater of Andhra Pradesh was built here.

Named “Maruthi Talkies”, it was built in the year 1921 at One Town, Vijayawada.

Source: APHerald



10) And the list continues –  The first 70MM theater in Coastal India belonged here!

Urvasi Theater of Vijayawada, now reconstructed as INOX Gandhinagar; had screened its first movie, “Simhaasanam”.

Source: SouthReport



11) And we have world records – the world’s Largest Mango Market.

The Nunna Mango Yard of Vijayawada is the world’s largest mango market. Phew!

Source: The Hindu BusinessLine



12) The city has the second largest Wagon Workshop of the Indian Railways.

Rayanapadu workshop is situated within a periphery of 12 km from the city of Vijayawada.

Source: SouthReport


13) The only city in the world with 2 rivers and 3 canals.

Budameru is a river in Krishna district which originates in the hills surrounding Mylavaram and empties itself into Kolleru Lake. The other river is Krishna.

And the three canals are named Bandar, Eluru, Rivas respectively.

Source: Indian Railways


14) It is the home to art and innovation.

From 2 year old archery prodigy Cherukuri Dalli Shivani to World Chess Champion Koneru Humpy to the late Sr.N.T.Rama Rao Garu; there is an endless list of famous personalities with world records.

Source: Nandamuri Fans


15) It is one of the most culturally diverse places in the world.

The Kondapalli Fort and toys, Victoria Museum, Prakasam Barrage, Mogalrajpuram Caves, Amaravathi’s Buddha Statue (that was inaugrated by Dalai Lama); and the infinite list of wonders here stand testimony to its rich culture and diversity.

Source: Panoramio


And above all, it is beautiful and is my hometown.

Three cheers to the spirit of the ‘blazing’ city! 🙂


19 thoughts on “15 Reasons Why I’m Proud Of Being a “Vijayawada”-ite!

    1. Hey. Thank You so much for letting me know this.
      I cannot tell you how happy I am to know that the content has gone viral on WhatsApp as well.
      I’m elated.
      I can’t thank you enough for appreciating my effort at this.
      Do follow the page for further updates, Sir. 🙂

      Good Luck to you!


  1. Hey VRay! Hope you still remember me :P. Good post and I’d love to tell you how it helped me get back on track on a little something. Get in touch via FB, would love to start talking to you again :). God bless you and take care!


  2. Also, please check point 6. there is Gandhi Hill but never heard of that place with seven stupas! sorry if the renovated it. tnx for posting.


    1. Thanks a lot for mentioning it, Sampreeth.
      I intended to do a separate LISTicle on architectural beauties of Vijayawada.
      So, that is why I did not mention it here.
      I appreciate that you took time out to compliment my work. Thank You, from the bottom of my heart. 🙂
      Do follow the blog for further updates.

      Take Care. Good Luck.


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