These 15 Beautiful Houses Will Drive You Crazy!

They say that the house you live in talks a lot about the person you are.

They said it right !

Here are 17 exotic houses from all over the world, that made my eyes pop. NOT literally. 😀

1) The Pretty Beach House on the Bouddi Peninsula, Australia.

2) Rear- Elevation of House M at Night.

3) This one place made me swoooonnnnnn!

4) If you studied step farming. Hahaha! 

5) Ain’t it all regal ?!

6) This house in the woods is surely a dream come true!

7) The perfect blend of turquoise, blue and green. 

8) Mere Classy! 

9) I’d call this a realistic panorama. Lol. 

10) The Leaf House, Brazil. Phew!

 11) This is soooo James Bond-ishh!

12) Ain’t this a visual oxymoron? Black and White! Now, c’mon! 

13) Lake House, Sweden. Simply colossal !

14) There are houses on land. There are houses on water.

And then, there are houses on waterfalls! Whoa. 

15) And then they say dreams are made of glass!

You could probably take some cues to make your own abodes, fellas! 😉



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