“The Shillong Chamber Choir” – to all the music lovers out there!

It’s been a really really really long time, folks.

Sometimes, life sinks you within its limpid waters, doesn’t it! Despite your recurring wishes to be buoyed up, you find yourself defying the gushing current each time. So, here I am. Back with a bang!

I managed to float. Yayyyy!

Anyway, so, I’m home for vacation, part of which is a reason I am in seventh heaven. And I’ve been wiling away my time quite seriously. *Laughs*

So last night, I was sitting in the verandah and gazing at the stars. Lol, I know I sound nickelodeon-ish, but ain’t that swag? You won’t believe me when I tell you I saw the fault in my stars whilst I was gaping at the sky, starry-eyed. And that’s when I realised, its been a while since I blogged. Something clicked at the back of my head. It felt complete.

So here I am, this is me; there’s no where else on earth I’d rather be. Yeah yeah, we all love Bryan Adams, boy. 😀

Anyway, lets not loiter around anymore.

So, in that desolate verandah, was I – lost in my thoughts. And that’s when my dad came out with his dated IPhone 4S. He was crooning some melody in his head [turned out to be loud enough, though.] and it kind of bothered me.

I turned around to tell him to “peas” out. [Well, just incase you haven’t been able to comprehend the spelling, it isn’t a typo. You should probably YouTube “RCB Mr.Naggs” and watch his hysterically funny “RockshooosssEyes” video. Anyway, so yeah – I told daddy. But he refused to listen, and continued to shatter the solitude I was reveling in. [Yes Yes Yes, I can use oxymorons now. My english teacher will be soooo happy. Eleanor ma’am – wherever you are. THANK YOU!]

But then, I actually started to enjoy whatever he was playing. And then it dawned on me. Damnnnn, it was the epic “Every Night In My Dreams”. The 90s was definitely the best phase of music and cinema, I thought to myself. And then, incredulously, the tune changed into the colossal Kal Ho Na Ho “crestfallen” music that plays each time the cameras would zoom in on Sharukh Khan.

And then, bang came “Love Story”. [Not the Taylor Swift one, puhhllleess! -_- ] Erich Segal is epic, no two things. But Andy Williams poured in life. No wonder he got an Awit nomination for it. Goshhhh, I love that song. The 70s was another era, phew.

Medleys are cliche, yes. I know that. But not cross-country medleys, meh. The idea is soooo cool. Transcending boundaries through music, now now now – how amazing is that ! So, I asked daddy where he lay his hands on this masterpiece.

And he said a friend of his forwarded it to him on WhatsApp. Swoshhh came out my Moto G2 from the pocket, and then, came Google, my saviour. I typed in “A Love Story Medley”. That’s what dad told me the audio was named.

And then, I saw that video. The one beautiful video that inspired me to write this post today.

This medley was composed and sung by the Shillong Chamber Choir. I continued to delve into the depths of this amazing group, and after my 77 minute indagation jumped to the conclusion that “Meeting the Shillong Chamber Choir in reality and watching them perform” is definitely going to be the 342nd addition to my bucket list.

Breathtaking performances. Stupefying Coordination. Sheer Poise. I don’t think I have words to describe the profundity to which their medleys and concerts have moved me.

This is the same group that was chosen to perform for the Obamas at the presidential banquet,

The same group that won the 2010 season of India’s Got Talent.

The same group that won hearts by singing the Vande Mataram 2.0 on the KBC Stage.

The same group that won the World Choir Games in 2010, at China.

The same group that won my heart. 🙂

Dear Shillong Chamber Choir, if you ever manage to find this post, know that I love you with all my might. And that I respect you for the career you have chosen, and also for the amazing western chorals you deliver to the world. Added, the fact that you soooo beautifully blend it with Bollywood Classics. You deserve the best and the choicest. May there be warmth all along your journey to the pinnacles of fame and stardom!

Love, just another starry-eyed lass, Vaishnavi Ray. 

P.S, to my readers – I’ve attached the video that my dad showed me. There are many more amazing videos that this group of awesome people make. Do check them out on Google or YouTube.

FYI, This is their personal website – http://www.shillongchamberchoir.com/

And their FB page – https://www.facebook.com/shillongchamberchoir

And here’s the video –

Ciao, mamma-mia! *


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