Watching These INDIAN KIDS Talk About The Country And HAVING KIDS Is Touching, yet Shattering!

Okay, so I love Being Indian (The emotion and the channel. Haha) . And the post on my love for Sahil and the channel has been displayed prior to this as well.

So today, there is nothing I want to say. Because just a minute ago, I was shattered.

It’s nice that kids today are so mature, that they discuss gender policing and discrimination at naive ages, that they are well read and not just well educated; but what is alarming is what they think of the country!

I don’t know where we are heading as a nation of “unity-in-diversity”, all I know is no one wants to do anything for the country, but everyone wants to crib about it heading nowhere! The twenty first century is your own funeral, Gen-X.

I have nothing else to say. Go on and watch the video.


Okay, bye.


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