7 Things You Didn’t Know About “Hamari Adhuri Kahani” – the film that stole my heart!

It feels like cinema has been around since the Cenozoic era. Or wait, has it not? Sometimes, some movies leave a monumental impact on you. Even when you don’t want them to. Even when they don’t have to. And then again, there are times when you want a movie to affect you. Good or bad, you just want it to.

And that’s when you lose yourself in the film. When all your head can do is weave thoughts centered on the movie. When all your heart can do is croon tunes from the film. It’s ecstasy – this entire affair of watching a film. Maybe you gotta be a cinema lover to actually realize what I’m trying to say.

So yeah, this is what I underwent when I watched “Hamari Adhuri Kahani”. It is one of the finest films I’ve seen to date. Not many people will appreciate the movie. I know. I understand. Some will find it slow, some monotonous, some cliche, some idiotic and some crap. But nilly-willy, these are the kind of movies I like. Intense and deep. There is a philosophy to every emotion and thing that you view and feel. And I think films like this appreciate precisely that.

Movies like Ek Villian, Ram Leela and the likes that portray the essence of savoring love, life and romance; they strike a chord somehow. And sometimes, you want to inflict pain upon yourself when you know happiness is not far behind.

That’s how it works. The cycle of mankind. 

You gotta be sad to understand happiness.

You gotta be lovelorn to understand love.

You gotta fall to rise.

You gotta love to be loved.

Emraan Hashmi had captured all that I had to say in his eyes. Just them eyes! This is probably the best movie in his career. I have never admired him as much before. He looks heavenly and manages to deliver exactly what you need to feel.

Vidya Balan hasn’t looked prettier. She does a fantabulous job as the typical “abla-nari” who breaks barriers and transcends society’s stereotypes to pursue her heart and fall for the one true love of her life.

Raj Kumar Rao is someone you can’t miss complimenting, for his “devil-but-not-evil” role as Hari. He hits the nail on the head, because his character is one you want to hate, but can’t and don’t want to hate, but still do! If you know what I mean.

So, alright – let me chuck the philosophical jargon for now (maybe some other day, my friend! 😉 ), and get to the point.

Hamari Adhuri Kahani captures the passion of unrequited love between two souls who can’t stop longing and loving each other despite their realities pulling them away from their destinies.

And here are 7 things you probably didn’t know about the film –

1. Raj Kumar Rao actually slapped Vidya Balan thrice! Like, literally.

If you have seen the film, there is this one scene of domestic violence where he slaps Vidya when she confesses that she had slept with Emraan Hashmi. An insider from the set said, “While the slap was part of the script, no one was expecting him to actually hit her. It was a surprise to the crew”.

2. This movie is a real life story. I mean, think of it. What an intense life to live!

Inspired from the real life story of Mahesh Bhatt’s parents Nanabhai Bhatt, Shirin Mohammad Ali and his stepmother; this movie is bound to steal your heart.

3. Vidya, who plays a florist in the love saga trained with one for two months.

According to reports, the actress apparently requested that while the pre-production of the film was going on, she trains with a florist to look authentic on screen, when she arranges flowers and decorates hotels.

Vidya Balan gets into the skin of the characters that she essays in films. Truly.

4. Akkineni Nagarjuna and Amala Akkineni received the best anniversary gift ever.

Mohit decided to screen the film for them in Hyderabad as Amala couldn’t be in Mumbai for the trials. Little did he know that he screened the film on a day that was her and Nag’s wedding anniversary.

5. This movie would have been shelved if not for Vidya Balan.

Mahesh Bhatt had decided to shelve this project because Vidya Balan denied the role due to health issues. He told Vidya that he would do the film only when she was alright, and that this movie was destined for her.

6. Emraan Hashmi had cancelled his family holiday for the film.

Also, his son was down with cancer; and he was quite troubled. But he considered this film a landmark in his career.

7. Raj Kumar Rao did not bathe for 20 days straight.

Just so his character would look real.

There are scenes that totally bowl you over. 

Like the one in which Emraan takes Vidya to this beautiful garden and asks her what the missing element is, and she replies ” Bikhre hue paththe. Har Khoobsurat cheez mein daag hota hai. Chaand mein bhi hai”.

And the one that has Emraan mouthing the words “Dard Kum Hota Hai Khushi Dene Se, Dukh Kum Hota Hai Sukh Dene Se, Main Tumse Ek Sauda Karna Chahta Hun, Tumhare Is Dard Ke Badle Main Tumhe Duniyaa Ki Saari Khushiyaan Dena Chahta Hun”.
You see some of the finest expressions on their faces. Them oxymoron faces. The fact that you feel something but don’t portray it.

And the one in which the ‘Humnava’ song plays in the background, and the love story actually blooms. What finesse!

And again when Emraan’s finger points to the cracker show while “Hasi” plays, and you have the song playing in it’s quintessential melody “Tum mere aasmaan, aur zameen bann gaye”.

And the colossal climax scene where Raj Kumar Rao goes to bury Vidya’s ashes and there is a sudden splurge of “Rang thhe, noor tha; Jab kareeb tu tha, Ek jannat sa tha, yeh jahaan”.

Okay, so I’m leaving with this song stuck in the back of my head. I crooned it for 46 hours straight. Fundamentally awed!

*Iss gunhaah ki saza mujhe darati nahin aur kanoon se bhagne ki mujhe zaroorat nahin*

Bye for now!


2 thoughts on “7 Things You Didn’t Know About “Hamari Adhuri Kahani” – the film that stole my heart!

  1. I stumbled upon this by chance..i started reading things about the movie just after i watched the movie..while reading what you had written about this movie and how a movie can make us feel, how it can strike a nerve and stay with us, it felt like I was reading my own thoughts on a web page.before I read this I thought I was the only one who looks at movies from this point of view. Now I know I’m not alone.so thank you. Keep watching movies.


    1. Hey Nimantha,
      I apologise for the delayed reply. However, this is wonderful. It feels great to see someone like me. 🙂
      I’ve always found love for cinema in my deepest corners, and it’s just why I wrote it.
      I am so so so so happy you liked it.
      Do follow the blog, if you appreciate my efforts, OR hit a like on my FB page. 🙂
      Thanks once again.
      Take care. God bless.



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