Two #SuperBoys From SuperWhiz (Vijayawada) Gave The Most Unique Tribute to Michael Jackson at PVP Square!


I, the creator of this blog, have been addicted to the warmth of my bed for a fortnight now. Not that I am complaining, but being a couch potato has its own downs. Like, it rids me of my optimum capability to write. And I don’t go out much. Except that I only have time to watch movies with my friends.

So yes, last week, on June, the 25th; I happened to witness this amazing vista when I walked into PVP Square; and I could not resist blogging about it. I know, I know. I am late. And bloggers are not meant to report late. But c’mon, you love me, don’t you? And we always forgive the ones we love, cuz’ we tend to overlook their loopholes.

So, yes, dear MJ fanatic, I apologise. And I’ve decided to make up for it with a 3-picture attachment vis.a.vis a 1-picture one.

A lot of pictures seemed to have been clicked by the hordes of people who thrived at the mall that day, considering the fact that the amalgamation of onlookers never receded a bit. So, I walked closer and peeked into what the cause of commotion was. And bannngggg – I saw hundreds of rubrics cubes give shape to a ‘Michael Jackson’. I was zapped.

Honestly, I don’t think you’d derive even half the pleasure that I did, looking at the pictures. No camera could have captured the beauty of the surreal cubic MJ. It was the perfect blend of fact and fantasy – a true treat to the eye.

Then, I noticed my mom having a conversation with two young boys. So, I moved aside to overhear them. That’s how I know. That 2 MJ fans from SuperWhiz Academy designed a digital Michael Jackson online, set the colors on Photoshop and took out a printout, which they eventually realised in the form of a Rubrics-cubed Michael Jackson in less than a day at PVP Square. Hats Off – to the idea, the thought, the hard work and the soul that they put in. But beyond everything, their intention is worth saluting.

Anyway, enough said. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, mine isn’t a thousand pixels, but Printer’s Ink surely won’t be dismayed. 😉

Here you go.

The Rejected Lemon bows down to you, #SuperBoys. If you are reading this right now, do leave a comment on the post. I’d love the acknowledgement.

Sare, inka velthunnanu. Tata, abbayilu ammayilu.

P.S, I couldn’t get a better frame from the ground floor. And yeah yeah, I’m coming to that. The reason I didn’t climb up to get a good shot was because I was running late for my tuition. So, chill, dude. 😀

                                                           This is the featured image. So, mehhh!
                                                                       The first shot. The very first.
                                                              A closer view. A failed attempt at the frame. 😀

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