Dear APJ Abdul Kalam, Here Are 12 Reasons Why I Have Always Loved You – R.I.P.

It isn’t a good evening today. Nor a good night. Neither will it be a good morning upon dawn tomorrow.

Do you know how it feels when you lose someone dear to you?

That empty feeling in your stomach that gives you jitters each time the silver lining down your cerebrum pops out a memory belonging to the betrothed.

That’s exactly how I feel right now. I lost someone close to my heart. Someone I knew. So well and so much, that I worshipped him. Maybe, beyond God. Because he was tangible. I could see him. Hear him. Read him.

The People’s President. The Renowned Aerospace Engineer. The Scientist. The Innovator. The Bharat Ratna Recipient. The First Chancellor Of IIST.

Dear APJ Abdul Kalam, I’ve always looked up to you. Wherever you are, I’ll hate you for not giving me the opportunity to see you in reality even once. The nation mourns your death today. But my heart aches a tad more.

When I was seven, daddy told me, “Look at the sky. We are not alone. The whole universe is friendly to us and conspires only to give the best to those who can dream and work”. My dad was my hero from then. Ten years down the lane, I realised that the hero in my daddy was because I saw the hero that he saw in you. Thank You. Thank you for being an Indian. Thank You for making me feel proud to be an Indian.

May we have more of you. 

May we never have less of you.

So, here I have 12 things to say to you, about you, for you –


1. He was truly ambitious and always strived to outdo his own excellence.



2. He had the coolest ever attitude.



3. He was hard working and deserved every bit of the success he achieved.



4. He taught us words like ‘zeal’ and ‘passion’ towards the inner self!



5. His understanding and empathy towards the simplest of human emotions is just amazing. 



6. He taught us that anyone, absolutely anyone, can do anything he wants to do with all his might.



7. He redefined happiness and content, and sifted one from the other.



8. Maybe, that’s his success formula.



9. Because this stands testimony to why people still believe in the legendary tale of ‘Beauty And The Beast’.



10. Because he was a fearless man who believed in our motherland, and did his bit for it.



11. Because he believed in innovative careers, and not just clichéd jobs.



12. Because he asked us to sleep a sleep worth sleeping.

I have something to say.

Dr. Kalam said, “Don’t declare a holiday when I die. Instead, work an extra day if you love me”.

So, let’s look for better ways to remember him and mourn his death, instead of just declaring a holiday and sitting back with our laptops.

I pledge to work tomorrow. Do you? Go, set your ‘wings on fire’.



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