Dear Ratna Kamma, Your Message Brought Tears To My Eyes!

I came back to my room after my first class today. Freshers were thriving everywhere.

Excitement in the air. Ebullience on their faces. It made me nostalgic. When I sat down and flipped the pages of my life backward, it turned out I remembered every single moment of my first day on campus. I was elated. 

Beaming with joy, I opened my laptop to blog about my brimming emotions. About how emotions control your mind. About how you try controlling them, but cease to. About why the human mind is a culmination of years of countless memories and experiences, or rather how. And about how they don’t alter your attitude, but make you a wiser person.

And tadahh! 1 new message. My screen was talking.

I opened the message and turned out it was from this one person called ‘Ratna Kamma’, whom I had never heard of or seen before. Upon actually enlarging the window, I realised it was quite a long one, considering it was from a stranger.

I started reading, my heart racing against each letter that my eyes behold, as if unravelling a mystery that lay forth.

 Helloo Vaishnavi..?

I loved ur ‘The Rejected Lemon’ and I can’t resist saying this….ur way of engaging with a reader, like you are actually speaking face to face…is something very impressive and AWESOME flow..!! 😀
I love reading and want to be into blogging, ur blog set a good example for me in the way.! 🙂

Thank You. 🙂 “

My stomach felt butterflies. My head was reeling in exhilaration. And I probably didn’t realise that my heart skipped a beat or two. I don’t know how many of you have felt or been through this state of mind. I don’t even know what other worldly pleasure can give you this feeling. But today, that minute, I felt content. 

Dad always told me there is a line of difference between ‘happiness’ and ‘content’. Now I know what he meant.

To blog and know that people are reading you is ‘happiness’, but to blog and know that people are inspired by you is mere ‘content. 

Dear Ratna,

I don’t see why you should thank me. Because the way things are looking at the moment, it is you who gave me the opportunity to feel something I never did earlier. It is you who made me realise that I’m actually doing a good job. It is you who had a heart of gold to take time out and write to me. It is you who acknowledged my hard work.

It is people like you, Ratna; who inspire me each day, to continue writing despite the cynical flak I receive for some of my outspoken and brutally honest posts.

You inked colour into my day today with those wonderful words. Thank You, Ratna.

I have nothing else to give back, but a colourful (If you noticed, this is my first post with vivid colours, I usually stick to BLACK) blog post full of love and best wishes to the amazing person that you are.

Continue to spread warmth and sunshine wherever you tread. I wish you the very best of luck with your endeavours. Don’t let any external hypocritical force encumber the zeal in you.



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