This Video Shows Women What To Do When Men STARE At Them!

Morning, folks!

So, it is a sunny day today at Jaipur. The temperatures have dropped, but my face is all oily and my hair is all messed up, and that does NOT happen in winters. So, it is still SUMMER.

Anyway, so this morning, my classmate said to me ‘Vaishnavi, how do you feel when guys stare at you?’. I was kind of taken aback by this abrupt question. I laughed it off and said, ‘I stare back’. He immediately asked, ‘What if they still keep staring? What do you resort to then?’.

I had no answer. I told him that it never happened to me, and that guys usually shift their glance away the minute you stare at them. But this thought kept pestering me through out the day. I thought of those meek women who do not have the courage to stare back, those suppressed women who are not educated about gender equality, those illiterate women who have never even thought about rebelling; and it sent chills down my spine.

So, I googled ‘What to do when men stare at you?’ and browsed the web for more than 4 hours. Saw a whole lot of videos, read some listicles, surfed the articles; and finally, ended up with this video by ‘Whistling Woods International’.

At the end of this video, I had goosebumps. Not because I ain’t a bold girl, or because I have never watched videos on these lines, or because I am a feminist or anything; but because I loved the way the movie makers saw this issue from a totally different perspective. So, I thought I should blog about it.

So, before you watch the video, here are some pictures I really liked; thought you might too.





Now, this is the video for you to watch, realise and ‘JAAGO’ as a responsible citizen.

Hey, look, the guy behind you is staring; and you know what to do, don’t you? 🙂


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