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It’s Saturday afternoon, and I’m sitting by my window sill reading ‘Coma’ by Robin Cook. It is a psycho-medical thriller; and true to the connotation of its theme, it is one of a kind.

My window pane, brimming with cobwebs and gleaming in the broad sunshine.
My window pane, brimming with cobwebs and gleaming in the broad sunshine.

It was just then that my phone buzzed and there came a notification, “6 messages from 2 chats”.
I tapped upon the bar to see who was texting me in the afternoon. It was my dad. He sent across a video on the family group. And turns out he sent the same video to me again (he always does this). Parents can be really cute at times 😀 (atleast my dad is, that is why I’ve two copies of every image and video on my phone – if you know what I mean) and that probably explains the ‘2 chats’. Hahaha.

The first glimpse.
The first glimpse.

So, yes, I am not really a video person. But the video image tile had a really smart guy on it, and I was keen on knowing what the man would say 😀 – so before I knew it, the video started playing and turns out it was this one Dr. P.R. Ashwin Vijay. I must say he is one of those doctors that seemed and sounded sane! Not that I’m anti doctors or anything, but I cannot deny that it is a rarity to see young and dynamic doctors who want to make a difference to the world through their words and actions. Honestly, I really loved the facts he stated. Also, the strategies that he used to explicate and contextualize the myths and dangers of using gadgets on a daily basis are commendable.

It wasn’t one of those scary health videos that tell you your race is going to be extinct in a decade, and neither was it an animated one that didn’t seem authentic because of the moving cartoons. It was a subtle concoction of both. I like how he whisked animation with his own presence, giving the video an outlandish feel.

So, I thought the least I could do was help him and his movement reach more people, and so, here I am – blogging relentlessly about their wonderful initiative – the *STRENGTH INDIA MOVEMENT*, one that stands out in a world that is rushing through technological time. What now? I subscribed to their site and channel a couple of minutes ago. And I think you should too. That’s the whole purpose of my writing this post.

It is crazy that this video has not yet been uploaded on their site or channel, but this is the one I managed to lay my hands on, thanks to Dad and his connections in Chennai. So, I am sharing it here for you to preview –


Hope you are as nice as I am, and you take the pledge to support the movement too. 🙂

Ciao, Strength Indian!


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