Behind The Scenes: My Tryst With @ISB, Hyderabad.

In the lines of Walt Whitman, “The Orchestra have sufficiently tuned their instruments, the baton has given the signal.” And to that, if I might add, there is a new symphony in play. Thank you Mr. Speaker and Distinguished members for this honour.

Thank you very much.

*Whistles* *Claps* *Incessant Hooting* *TearsRollingDownCheeks (ahh, I smell patriotism)*, was what followed the momentous speech by the ‘Man in the Linen Kurta’ (or should I say, the ‘Man in the sharply-tailored Jacket’? STOP OVERTHINKING, Vaissshhhhnnnnaaavvvviiiiii !!) – phew. A lot has been said about the PM and his supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (as a kid, I always dreamt of being able to use this word in colloquial text, someday. *checking off #3458 on my bucket list*) speech.


People say it was unprecedented, and also that, ModiJeeNeHamaraSirrOonchaKiya. I totally agree. I mean it. I am not lying. As a testimony, I even tweeted about #ModiInUS. (Heart talks to Brain: “chi Stop fibbing, you are just another Indian who is desperate to include those so-not-cool hashtags on your wall. Meh.”). Chuck this, look at this cartoon. It’s hilariouuuuussss! (P.S, just incase you don’t get this, I am totally pro-Modi, okay.)


Anyway, lots of good stuff has been happening around me off late (TOUCHWOOD. Haaye dhaiyya, kahi nazar na lage), if I start to ignore the worsening state of my already awfully-bloated tummy (thanks to my frequent dosages of Hyderabadi food, upon which I’ve decided to base my next post). First, I am interning at the Indian School Of Business (which is a really awesome thing in itself). Next, I’ve recently been told that I got an AIR 700 on a national test that I can’t even recall taking. Then again, the people I work with here are sooooo much like me, they are taking me out to eat at a dhaba in the vicinity of the campus. That’s the squad for you!


And last but not the least, I’m finally getting to do what I love and let it kill me – things like reading (which I haven’t been able to do in college last semester), listening to music (which I seemingly don’t remember when I did last), watching movies (I do this often, but not in the theatres at the expenses of mom and dad, lol), downloading a whole lot of TV Shows (well, ONLY because of the fact that the speed on my campus is 500Kpbs, as opposed to the 100Mbps here. Umm, yeah. I feel for myself too!), unlimited access to all things scrummy (like, Chicken Biryani, Erra Kaaram Dosa and Red Velvet Popsicles) and and and and and and being blessed with the opportunity to click pictures of the beautiful places that abut my neighbourhood). My English teacher, Eleanor Miss, once told me it’s not good to write such long sentences, but she doesn’t know anything about my blog – so, I be like, heyyyyy, facepalm.

By the way, this is my cousin, the one angel who takes me around on food sprees across the city (do you see the halo around his head?). Don’t fall for his innocent looks! He just contrived the whole expression for the camera.


How can I not show you this place? This is ‘House Of Dosas’. It is located in Banjara Hills. If you ever end up going here, please please please try their Punugulu, Kunda Lassi and Erra Kaaram Dosa with Bombay Chutney. These guys should pay me for reviews, man, meh.



By the way, I was stuck at some thought concerning ISB, wasn’t I? I mean, that is how I titled my post. So, let me just talk about it before my mind wavers off to my recurrent lapses of bae (#ProTip. Just say ‘bae’ when you don’t have the word for an emotion. I was actually wanting to find a word for the hindi word ‘daure’. You know how we say ‘tereko daure chad rahe hai kya?’. The likes. But yeah, ‘bae’ seems pretty satisfactory, or so I feel).


What is ISB?     It is called the ‘Indian School Of Business’. But if I were boss, I’d call it the ‘International Space Of Bliss’ (that’s probably why I didn’t get to name an institute, ever. Lul lul lul). The people here are so intelligent (Ofcourse, do I sound dumb?) and well read. Yesterday, I overheard (bad manners, can’t help it!) this one couple discuss Shahrukh Khan’s lineage over lunch. Wait, that’s NOT the cool part. This was at a time when they had exam scheduled in less than fifteen minutes. THIS IS!


What is so cool about ISB?

First, I have come to believe that everyone here has got some serious swagger to their personalities! They do, really. Even the staff. For instance, we were playing Pictureka earlier in the day. In the middle of work. The room echoed with our screams of PICTUREKA. Lol.

Second, their gardens. ISB is spread across a massive 260 acre land. I am given to hear that a major part of their budget is attributed to maintaining the forests that skirt their quarters. You can only describe their aesthetic appeal when you witness them with your eyes. The campus manages to remain forever spick and span, despite the diversity of flora and fauna it encompasses. Kudos to the gardening staff, I should say!


Third, the campus is blindingly gorgeous. They have a fleet of amphitheatres and student villages (which are either quarters or studios), a beautiful recreation centre that makes me wish I had learnt swimming, and a scientific reasoning to their architecture (all of which I’ll tell you more about as part of my picture story, in the second part of this post, which you can expect sometime next week).

Fourth, their library, which they call ‘LRC’ (Learning Resource Centre), totally deserves a special mention, for never before have I witnessed a three-storey structure with more than 42,000 books, 5,000+ A/V Resources, 55+ databases and over 200 prints. BOOKS are the only things that seem to excite me these days, lol. I kinda enjoyed my reading spree here! I couldn’t grab a picture though. So, copy-pasting it for you.



Fifth, their traditions. I am told that ISB has this tradition of every batch leaving behind a souvenir of some sort, for their legacy to be cherished. Analogous to leaving behind a mark, literally. Haha! The Amphitheatres that I spoke of in Point 3, are also part of the souvenirs left behind by the Batches of 2008 and 2009. Students thrive here like crazy. They are considered to be their favourite haunts!

Sixth, the academic centre (which is touted to be the heart of the campus) is home to all the lecture theatres, classrooms, faculty offices (Level 1 of this segment is where I am blogging from right now. These guys are gonna sue me, LOL), the learning resource centre and a 500-seat auditorium.

The huge flag in front of the AC.
My cabin, from within.

Seventh, their smart systems. For instance, their washrooms have automatic lights, and I think that’s a pretty cool way of conserving electricity. This might not seem like a significant point to go on a blog post, but trust me – I am trying to woo you into the whole concept of smart homes.

Because I can’t really attach a picture of the bathroom, right? Also because I want to clarify that today is Friday! #PunIntended.


Wait, I shouldn’t go on and make this a LISTicle. It kills the entire purpose of a blog post. So, I am ending here. I’ll continue my bragging session in the second part as promised. Until then, let me just end on a positive note and tell you that they have peacocks all over here. I could never really spot on, but my dad blames it on my badddddd timing because he claims he sees one everyday. Whatever!

“Each of us has a natural instinct to rise like a flame. Let’s nurture that instinct”. Said not me, but Narendra Modi. I am just trying to connect my nonsensical onset about Modi Jee with the conclusion, because that is how good pieces of writing are supposed to be. But wait a second, did you actually think I could write something so deep? Umm, I guess I can, but I didn’t. LOL. Ok, bye.

Just so you know, I’m supposed to be studying Game Mechanics right now, but here I am, using their breakneck WiFi for all the things I ain’t supposed to be doing! But, life is all about sneaking and peeking. Wait, what did I just say? OHH GOD, bye. I am losing my authenticity as a blogger in my failed attempts to just go on. No, really. Bye now. HEA! [#ProTip: Try Googling ‘HEA’ for that swaaggggerrr acronym] – Ciao! I am off to the dhaba!

*Bidding a teary farewell to my clustered desk*



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